Unexpected costs of moving to another continent

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Moving overseas to another continent is stressful but also, very expensive. Moving your entire life to a foreign country takes a lot of preparations. Sometimes even a year or more. Costs are usually one of the biggest concerns people have. Calculating the costs in advance is possible, but people often forget some hidden costs. When you add all those small fees, the costs of moving to another continent will be very different (higher) at the end.

To manage the relocation and to know what to expect, you should think about all the small details. Every cent is important, especially if your budget is not big. Having a guide to follow may be very helpful. Also, you can listen to advise from people that moved before. Search for them on forums, social media, etc. There must be people from your home country.

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Research everything, especially the costs you will have before, during, and after moving to another continent

Costs of moving to another continent to calculate

International relocation preparations require a lot of focus. And not only that but also, money and time. Being financially prepared is the most important thing. Paying for a visa and transportation are not the only costs you will have, unfortunately. This is why relocations to another continent must be planned a long time in advance.

Hidden moving costs for moving to another continent

These are some of the hidden costs that may surprise you:

  • Did you calculate travel costs (plane tickets)? You probably did, but most people forget about costs from the airport to a new home. It may be high, especially if the airport is not near. Also, you will want to visit a family after a couple of months, it is not cheap.
  • Shipping items overseas costs and it is slow too. Consider cheaper options and research companies to get the best deal. Keep in mind that the costs of moving to another continent can vary a lot.
  • Customs taxes and duties depend on the country you are moving to. Some countries provide duty-free allowances for personal effects, but unfortunately not all of them.
  • If you are moving with a pet it is an additional cost. Paying for their ticket, visiting a vet, health certificates, handling fees, etc.
  • You must buy new appliances because countries in Asia and Europe have different voltage and electrical plugs. Some appliances won’t work with a plug adapter.
  • Different costs of living, even if they are lower than you used to until you adjust, you will spend more than needed. For example, if you want to live in Japan, costs, and housing there can be very high.
  • Bad exchange rates may be a problem at the beginning, so you will lose money on that. If the rates are bad, it is not good for your wallet.
  • Until you learn a new tax system and how it works, you may lose money, so you should better ask someone to help you with taxes and help you understand them completely.
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Be prepared for all the costs of moving to another continent

How to control the costs?

Another question that is coming out is how to control your costs of moving to another continent?

  • Visit a country before you move there, to know it better. It may seem like a big cost, but in the long run, it is a better option.
  • Learn a language before moving, so you will avoid scams and you will avoid paying more for some items after moving. In many countries when they see you don’t know the language, they will fool you.
  • You will have expenses at home while you are living on another continent, especially if you have a family back home. You may have some credit card fees or you need to pay for a storage unit, etc. Make sure to cancel all the unnecessary bills.
  • If you are moving to the countries for starting a business abroad, then you better have local counselors and real estate agents. They know the market better than your team in the home country.
  • Update all common vaccinations, go to the doctor before moving, because after moving it may be more expensive. Get a medical checkup and you have nothing to worry about.
  • Is it cheaper to buy new furniture or to move your old one? Calculate first what is better in a financial way.
  • Research for houses online before moving to another continent. You should have a clear picture of how many houses are there and what is their average cost.

Hiring a company for moving to another continent

Besides paying for a visa, transporting your items will cost you. How much? It depends on how many items you have to move and where you are moving to. Search for moving companies, it is one of the first things to finish. You can start by searching on www.jrs.tokyo. Make sure that the company is reliable, licensed insured, and experienced.

A good company should give you a home estimate, so you will know the costs in advance. If you want more affordable move, then don’t move a lot of items. Always keep in mind that you will need money for adjusting to the new environment after moving, so try to save money as much as you can.

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No matter where you are moving, you cannot escape from the costs


Moving is not cheap, even when moving locally. Of course, long-distance moves are more expensive, especially when moving to another continent. You will definitely have unexpected costs of moving to another continent, but you should try to minimize them and to be fully informed. Write everything down, even the cheapest items and calculate it. If you know someone who moved recently where you will move, then ask him or her for advice. Good luck with moving to another continent. 

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