Creative ways to use leftover packing supplies

A product wrapped in bubble wrap is one of the ways to use leftover packing supplies

If you’re wondering what to do with all the leftover packing material, there’s a solution. Namely, you can find a new purpose for the supplies like cardboard boxes that are still in good shape. For example, cardboard boxes can be reused as organizers or pet beds. Moreover, you can use cartons as signs, knee pads, or postcards. If you need more storage space, boxes can hold a lot. Finally, recycling or giving away to someone who needs packing supplies is another great idea. Read on to find out all the possible ways to use leftover packing supplies.

Use cardboard boxes as organizers or pet beds

Let’s say you have a lot of products in your bathroom or plenty of spices and herbs in the kitchen. Naturally, you’d want them nicely organized so that they are out of the way and in a practical space. Therefore, you should find ways to use leftover packing supplies like cardboard boxes from when you were moving.

Use the smaller ones for tighter spaces and decorate them with colorful paper. Add stickers to label the boxes depending on what you’re using them for. If you have some bigger boxes, use them to store cosmetic products under the sink.

Four recycling bins
Recycling is a great way to help prevent wasting more space in landfills

Another creative way to reuse your packing supplies is to make a pet bed out of them. If you have a dog or a cat, they’ll definitely enjoy a DIY bed. The simple way to do this is to add some blankets or pillows into the box and cut the opening. Get creative with the colors and design of the bed.

In case you are yet to move and want to learn from the relocation stories of others, a website with moving blogs is a great place to find some information.

Use leftover cartons as signs, knee pads, or postcards

You may think cartons are useless after the move but that’s not entirely true. They can be used as signs for different things like lemonade stands to show the price on them. Additionally, use them when gardening to kneel on and protect your knees. Even a single piece of cardboard will act as a cushion on the ground.

Finally, your leftover cardboard can be turned into a creative postcard. If you have kids, this will be a great project to work on. Use markers, stickers, and scissors to make a fun-looking postcard. If you need some tips on packing or getting settled into a new home, know that affordable packing supplies can have a second life.

A sketchbook made of recycled paper
There are many ways to use leftover packing supplies like cardboard

Recycle your leftover packing supplies

If you think that you won’t be needing your packing supplies anymore, recycle. Just load everything in the car and find a local recycling center to drop everything off at. If you need brand new moving equipment, find a reliable moving company that has all the packing materials you need for the move. In that way, you won’t need to buy them on your own.

Offer supplies to friends or family

If you have a friend or a family member who is planning to move, offer your packing supplies. This is a great gesture that will help others and you won’t have to think of ways to use leftover packing supplies and all those boxes.

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