Decluttering home before move

Decluttering home is essential before moving

If you’ve decided to make a move and have already chosen a new home for yourself, you should consider decluttering home.┬áThe purpose of this is to make it easier to pack and to get rid of all the things you no longer need. This task can be daunting because what you essentially need to do is organize your belongings and place them into boxes. This is a lengthy chore, but it is also a great chance for you to go through your stuff and throw or give away items you no longer use.

Decluttering home is important for a fresh start

In order to better adapt to your new place, it is advisable to rid yourself of all the clutter before the move. This is also a great way of easing the process of moving. Additionally, decluttering creates more space for things you will actually need and use in the home in which you are moving. It is not difficult to declutter, but every beginning takes time for the adjustment. There are also Assisted Carefree Moves & Assisted Services to help you with everything related to your moving, including decluttering.

Begin decluttering as early as possible

It does not matter if you are planning to move in a year or in three months, it is still important that you start packing and decluttering your stuff early, as soon as you decide that you are moving. Firstly, you should collect boxes and label them in a way that it’s clear you don’t need the things you’ll place in them anymore. Secondly, you should clean up one room in its entirety before moving on to the next one and so on. Do not forget to check all the shelves, drawers and cupboards. This should not be difficult even for people who are hoarders.

Decluttering home includes finding boxes
Decluttering home begins with finding adequate boxes and labeling them.

Make a plan

Once you make a decision to move, also make a plan and stick to it. Decluttering is a part of the moving process. You are supposed to take things you will certainly need in your new home instead of sticking to things that worked for your old home. Decluttering home also refers to getting rid of furniture you will not use in your new place. Take the size of the furniture into consideration because it may be inadequate for your new home. Therefore, it is good advice to measure everything before the move.

chair in the street
There is furniture which will not fit into your new home. You should get rid of it.

What to get rid of?

Basically, you can throw your belongings away, give them to your friends and family or sell them. Whatever you do, it is essential to be organized.

Here is a list of things to consider when decluttering:

  • If you have things that are damaged in any way, beyond repair, or broken, throw them.
  • You can try selling things that still work and are in good condition. A good place to do this could be online because many people find this way easier. When you get a buyer, you can agree on everything with them.
  • Please bear in mind that you may think something belongs in the trash, but it may be something another person really needs. So, search for places where you can leave unused items for other people to collect.
  • Ask your friends and family to go through the stuff you no longer need so that they could find things for themselves and take them immediately. This should make decluttering easier for you.

Be very selective

Your move should be stress-free when the moving day comes. In order to be successful, you need to be very selective when decluttering home. Go mentally through the whole process and decide for yourself if you really need the items you want to keep. This will make it easier for you to make the right choice. It is advisable to get rid of things you did not use during the period of one year. Moreover, you should give away clothes that do not fit you anymore or your style has changed. Try not to be sentimental because it is only material things and you can and will replace them with those you need more. Organize things according to how significant you find them and discard those you deem insignificant and useless.

Declutter your paperwork

When decluttering home, pay attention to the paperwork that is not useful for you anymore. You can throw away many papers in this way. You may think that all documents you have could be of use to you at some point. This is not true and you should get rid of a lot of paperwork you have gathered over the years. It will be satisfying and you will feel better immediately. Of course, be careful to place your birth certificate, insurance documents and passport somewhere safe. Additionally, you may scan all your documents and keep them digitally. When you receive finance documents, you should keep them for a period of six years, but it is advisable to throw them away after that time has passed. You may simply shred the papers you no longer need.

a pile of paperwork
Get rid of the paperwork that is no longer relevant.

Be mentally prepared for decluttering home

When decluttering, be aware of the fact that you will feel relieved when you let go of the items you no longer need. It will certainly seem hard to throw away some things, but after you actually do it, you will feel good about it. People generally tend to think that things they own are more valuable than they are and that is why they are reluctant to part with them. However, donating your things will be for a good cause both for yourself and for someone else. It will be beneficial for both sides. If you think about this in this way, the process of getting rid of your belongings will be fulfilling and rewarding as an experience.

Why decluttering matters?

Decluttering home is essential to do before moving because your new home will not be the same as your old one. For this reason, you have to get rid of all the items that you no longer need. Do not fear to declutter, because, in the end, you will feel good about having fewer things to worry about. Also, it is highly unlikely that you will throw anything of great value.

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