Easy packing tips

Easy packing tips

Packing can seem to you like it is an easy task to do. But, you need energy, money and time to do it. That’s why we bring you easy packing tips, so your packing process will be easy and quick. You need to know how to pack, what to pack, in what order to pack and which packing supplies to use.

Gather packing supplies before you start

You should gather packing supplies before you start packing. Because it can be really frustrating when you have to stop half-way a packing to get more supplies.

You can buy packing materials and supplies in a mail service store, or an office supply outlet. Also, you can buy online. It is the best way to find best prices and items that you need.

buy packing materials and supplies for packing process
Gather packing supplies before you start

Buying packing boxes

If you want to save money you can use moving boxes from grocery stores. It is one of the great easy packing tips. A person who works in the store can put aside what you need. But, make sure that boxes are strong and not damaged. So, you can collect some boxes from others, but it’s best buying boxes for your NYC move. With new boxes, you’ll be sure that your items are safe and protected. With old boxes, you cannot be sure that boxes can handle the move and heavy items.

Specialty Moving Boxes

Specialty moving boxes you can buy in stores and online. For example, if you need boxes for artwork and mirrors it is the best to buy boxes made for this purpose. They are stronger and shaped for these items. And specialty moving boxes have frame protectors which are securing the corners of items. In this way, your goods won’t be damaged during the move.

Lamp boxes, guitar boxes, mattress and crib boxes are some of the specialty packing supplies available online. Also, it is a good idea to buy file boxes because they are a simple tool to keep your documents sorted and protected during the move. You can buy it in office supply store.


Other things that you will need during your packing process are packing tape and packing paper. The more adequate supplies you have and the more you are organized, your packing process will be so much easier.

Important packing tip: Use a tape dispenser. It will save you time, frustration and your teeth.

You can use also socks, pillowcases and other fabrics to wrap things in boxes.

you will need during your packing process - packing tape and packing paper
Important packing tip: Use a tape dispenser.

Easy packing tips

  • Pack heavier items on the bottom
  • Pack small items in small boxes

When you pack small items in small boxes, then you can place them into a large box.

  • Label all boxes, large or small.
  • Know which items you will not pack and move
  • Keep an inventory list of each box and its contents.

An inventory list is important if your box will be missing and you need it to make a claim.

  • Keep clothing in dresser drawers

Pack essentials box

Essentials box is a box that you will unload first. In this box, you need to pack the essentials you will need when you arrive at your new place. Read what stuff you should pack in your essentials box for your whole family:

-Toilet Paper

– Dish soap

– Dishtowel and dishcloth

– All-purpose cleaner

– Coffee maker and coffee

– Toaster

– Unopened small jar of jam/peanut butter – for your first breakfast in new home

You can also pack:

  • Snacks
  • Beverages
  • Pet food and dishes
  • Medicines
  • Phone and other necessary electronics
  • Mug, plate, fork, knife, spoon for each member of the family
  • All-purpose cutting knife
  • Scissors to open the rest of your boxes
  • Small emergency kit
  • Flashlight, candles, matches
  • Shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, floss, and paste
  • A change of clothing and towel for each member of the family.
  • Garbage bags
  • Important documents such as medical records, passports, leases, financial information, etc.

So, it is really important to have and pack one essential box. That’s why you need to start making a list of items to include in it. You should pack items you will need for at least first 24 hours. You will be tired of unpacking and cooking dinner so you must bring you stuff that you will need for the first night in the new home.

Pack heavier items on the bottom
Label all boxes, large or small

Keep items where they belong

One of the easy packing tips is to keep items where they belong. For example, when you are packing the silverware keep it together and wrap around it to secure the contents. It is much easier than sorting out all those pieces after your move.

Also, keep tools you’ll need to reassemble furniture in a separate box that you will mark clearly.

Extra tip: Don’t forget to pack a screwdriver near to you. You will need it right when you arrive in a new home. Especially if you need to put the bed together at late night.

Do not use standard garbage bags

Standard garbage bags rip and tear too easily. If you’re going to pack something like clothing in garbage bags, be sure they don’t break during the move. So, you can double up. Also, check with your moving company if you can use garbage bags.

Keep items from the same room together

When you pack the items from the same room together it will be much easier to sort the contents after you move.

Get rid of unnecessary stuff

More unnecessary items you eliminate from your home, the less stuff you’ll have to pack up. That also means it will be less stuff to unload, unpack and organize. Stuff that you no longer need you can donate, trash it, sell it and move to storage.

When you get rid of unnecessary stuff your entire process of packing will be much easier. That’s way this is one of the most important easy packing tips.

Pack the essentials box
When you are packing – Keep items from the same room together

Free donation

Pick up your unnecessary stuff and donate it to Goodwill or some other charity that you want. You can donate your old clothes, books, furniture, toys, and more. Put your giveaway items in boxes and leave them on your doorstep. Someone from Donation Town will then pick up your stuff and deliver it to a local charity of your choice.

Set aside stuff to sell

Everyone has a few items they no longer want, but they want to earn some money for it. So, set aside stuff to sell and decide where you want to sell them.

Get everyone involved in your packing process

When you decide to start packing, we have some of the easy packing tips for you – call your family and friends to help you. Make a task list so everyone will know how to help you and what to do. It will save your time and energy. It is great opportunity to see everyone before you move. So, look at this like one adventure.

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