Eco-friendly storage solutions

Earth friendly sign.

Thinking about the environment is very important for our Earth and future generations. Think about the money you can save, also. If it is time to clean and declutter your home or a storage unit, consider eco-friendly storage solutions.

Make some changes in your lifestyle. You can start in your home. Change some of your habits, routines, and organizational systems. This way, your life will be simpler, more affordable, and you will do something nice for nature.

Save the Earth and be eco-friendly

Simple eco-friendly storage solutions

It is easy to organize your home and still think green and be eco-friendly. Making less garbage and reusing what you already have can be fun actually. Include in your ultimate spring cleaning these simple eco storage hacks. Even if you are new at this, you will learn it fast, because it is not too complicated, you only need to be creative a little bit.

  • Reuse shoe boxes as storage containers. Old cardboard boxes can be used as a decoration too if you add some eco-friendly paper and wrap it. Don’t buy new storage bins if you have a lot of shoe boxes (women usually do). 
  • If you need to buy boxes, always choose eco-friendly storage solutions. Search for plastic bins that can be recycled. Keep in mind that plastic bins can last for many, many years, while cardboard boxes don’t. In the long run, it is a better investment.
  • What to do with newspapers and magazines? Donate your magazines instead of recycling them because it will reduce waste. You can donate them to a local library, nursing home, etc. Of course, recycling is always an option too. Don’t keep items you don’t need or use anymore. It will just make clutter in your home or storage unit.
  • Glass jars from oils, marinara sauce, peanut butter, jams, can also be reused. It is a perfect place for storing cooking ingredients for example or some plants or pens.
  • For cleaning, use cloth napkins and rags. It is better from using paper towels. This way, you will reduce waste in half.  To clean and re-organize your storage use cleaning supplies that are not bad for the environment.
  • Ask your friends if they have some boxes they don’t need, or packing supplies. Don’t buy new ones, you will just make more unnecessary waste.
  • Put a basket near the front door (main door) to hold reusable grocery bags, so you can use them over and over again. A plastic bag needs a hundred and a hundred (close to 1000) years to decompose.


A sign for eco-friendly storage solutions
Clean, organize, and declutter your home in eco-friendly way

As you can see, it is easy to find eco-friendly storage solutions and also eco-friendly solutions for cleaning and organizing. It won’t take you more time than usual, and more money. Everyone can do it.

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