Explore the best Idaho cities for family life

Having a family means only wanting the best for them. This is why a lot of people relocate from one state to another. Interstate relocation is a stressful task but it can be made easier. There are plenty of professional moving companies that you can hire in order to make moving from one state to another easier. So, now your only task is to choose where you will be settling in. And since we are talking about family living, we believe that Idaho is one of the best states for a family to live in. There are plenty of things that make moving to this state an amazing idea. This is why we decided to write this short guide about some of the best Idaho cities for family life. There are plenty of them but we decided to write in detail about a couple of the best ones where moving to this year would be a good idea.


The first of the best Idaho cities for family life to mention has to be Kuna. Kuna is a very lovely town not so far away from Boise. It is a small but urban town with a suburban feel. Living here with children is great for many reasons. One of the reasons would surely be the amazing schools that are located here. There are a couple of them but each one is very modern and the ratings are great. There are seven public and one private school in Kuna. The graduation rate is much higher than the national average, 87 percent to be exact.

Kid reading a book at school
Your children will get amazing education in one of eight schools in the city.

Another reason to move here the amazing housing options. There are both houses and apartments to be found in Kuna. This is why we said that this is an urban town with a suburban feel. It is also not such a big town but there are a couple of different neighborhoods to choose from. You can easily find both homes to purchase and rent here. You can rent a home while saving money to invest in one. And when the time to move comes, you can reach out to teams nearby for moving assistance.

There are plenty more things that make Kuna one of the best Idaho cities for family life. As safety is very important for people with children, it is worth mentioning that this is one of the safest cities in Idaho. This is because it is a small town with a very close-knit community. So, don’t hesitate when you can easily relocate with professionals to Kuna.


Nampa is another city located not far away from Boise. In fact, Kuna is closer to Boise than Nampa, but still, Boise is just a short drive away from Nampa. This is a bigger and more urban town but still a very safe town to live in. There are a lot of people living here but most of them are young families with children and elderly retired people. Many of them move here because it is also an affordable place to live in. Housing is reasonably priced throughout the entire state. But Nampa has a much lower average price than the entirety of the state.

A mother and child walking through the forest
There are plenty of places to spend time with your family.

Another thing that makes Nampa a good place to move to is the fact that there are plenty of things to do in the city. There is a huge complex with a sports center, amphitheater & arena that hosts sporting events, concerts & more fun things where you can go with your family. There are dozens of locally-owned restaurants in the city where you can eat out with your family. But there are bars where you can grab a drink with your friends too and have a fun night out. Plenty of parks are what make this a very beautiful city to live in as well. Peasleyboisemovers.com can help you relocate to Nampa from anywhere without stress.


Last but not least on our list is McCall which is surely one of the most beautiful towns in the state. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers. Nature here is amazing as there are plenty of forests here. As this is a rocky area, there are plenty of hiking trails here so you and your family will easily stay fit and healthy. While doing so, you will see amazing sights and lots of different wild animals. There are plenty of parks here too where you can ride bikes, have picnics, or just spend time outside in the sun. Winters here are very cold and there is plenty of snow which is why plenty of people come here during winter time to ski. And we believe skiing is one of the best activities to do. And after moving to the town and settling in, over time you will surely want to try skiing if you haven’t so far.

A group of people in ski equipment
There are plenty of mountains to go skiing with your family.

Some other places to consider

The three mentioned cities are just a couple of the best Idaho cities for family life which indicates there are more of them. And some other to consider moving to are:

  • Twin Falls
  • Kimberly
  • Burley
  • Rupert

These are all small towns that are safe, have good schools. Affordable housing is also something they all have in common. Moving to any of the mentioned places is what you should consider doing if the best is what you want for your family.

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