Get to know Minneapolis as the back of your hand – complete guide to help you feel like a local

Minneapolis Skyline - Get to know Minneapolis as the back of your hand

Moving to Minneapolis can be a daunting task. That’s why you need to get to know Minneapolis as the back of your hand before performing the move. Here’s a complete guide to help you feel like a local. You’ll find out about Minnesota’s cost of living, transportation, and weather. Also, you’ll learn how to find movers and not break the budget because affordable movers save your money. Don’t be misinformed or mislead by stereotypes that relocation to give you. Get to know Minneapolis as the back of your hand with this guide.

Find local movers

When moving to Minneapolis, the first most important thing is to find the movers. It’s possible that movers help is just around the corner, but you need to find it. Use various criteria in your search:

  • Check the USDOT of the company.
  • Check if movers are a member of the AMSA and the BBB. 
  • Read reviews. 

Also, you should know that other things matter, too. So, when moving, be well prepared with facts about the Minneapolis movers that you’re choosing from. Get a quote and contact movers, ask them what you want to know. Also, you can visit their office and see their trucks. Reputable movers will have contact details such as phone numbers and address of the office.

Search Google - Get to know Minneapolis as the back of your hand
Find professional movers to help you relocate to Minneapolis.

Know Minneapolis as the back of your hand – City info

Here’s city info you must know:

  • Minneapolis is at the same time art and culture-friendly and calm city. So, it’s great for families or for people who prefer a calm environment. 
  • Also, it has some of the best attractions for the entire family in the country.
  • When it comes to the locals, they are quite welcoming and friendly.
  • The Minneapolis population is more than 400 thousand residents. Residents are well educated.
  • 16 Fortune 500 companies are located here. This is likely part of why Minneapolis is one of the  Best US cities for young professionals according to Niche.
  • It’s called the City of Lakes and Mill City. The city has 22 lakes.


Minneapolis weather can be slightly unpredictable during the year. Here you’ll experience all four seasons, but depending on the year, some of them will last longer. Winter in Minneapolis is very cold and full of snow. Winter usually lasts from November to March. Minneapolis has an average of 54 inches of snow a year. Therefore. a blizzard is a possibility. Fall, summer, and spring in the land of many lakes are very beautiful.


In Minneapolis, you don’t need a car to get around. Still, a majority of people drive themselves to work every day. The average commute is about 25 minutes. 

If you move here without a car, there are lots of public transportation options available to you. There is Metro Transit, the light rail, ample local bus routes, METRO Bus Rapid Transit, and the Northstar Commuter Rail. Also, Minneapolis residents love to transport via bike. 

Minneapolis Snow Bridge
Get to know Minneapolis as the back of your hand before moving.

Get to know Minneapolis as the back of your hand – Cost of Living

The Minneapolis cost of living is about the average for the country with a few exceptions. So, if you move here from NYC, Washington, or Boston you’ll experience lower prices. The housing costs are lower than the national average. But, because winters are long and cold the cost of fuel is high. The median home price is about $37.0,000, and the median rent is $1,200/mo. The average salary is about $51,000.

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