Guide to moving abroad

What you should do before you move abroad

When it comes to relocating, some people are afraid to even move down the hall. Many prefer to stay in their home town, perhaps find a community college, and never explore the world. Others do enjoy a bit of adventure, but not too much, so even when traveling, they pick the safe choice. There are only a few that are brave enough to take that huge step of moving abroad.

No matter which part of US do you come from, or where do you want to go, the decision is a hard one to take, and it’s even harder to plan and put that plan into action. For the sake of the argument, let’s say that you have indeed decided to move abroad. There are a few things you should have in mind.

1.You can never be overprepared when it comes to moving abroad

When you pick your desired destination (if you are having second thoughts, check out this helpful article), you need to consider a lot of things. But when you do finally decide, that is where the fun begins. Because when it comes to packing your life belongings and moving across the ocean, you can never be too careful. Moving abroad carries a lot of different risks and it is important that you have considered all of them. For every country, there is a list of vaccines, different regulations, and some don’t even permit certain pets. You do not want to end up like Johnny Depp and Amber Herd, filming a video apologizing for breaking the law. (In case that you have forgot, here

you can catch up.) Also, make sure that you have gathered enough information regarding your visa, in case you need one. Process is different for every country, but it is usually a long, complicated process, so have in mind that you might need to invest not only money but also time and energy. You can learn more information on this website.

2.Make sure that your affairs are in order before moving abroad

What you should do before you move abroad
Saying goodbye when moving abroad

It is very clear that there is all sorts of legal mumbo-jumbo you should pay attention to. But, hopefully, there is always a guide for that. The thing that is tricky isn’t legal, it’s emotional. You are moving away. There is probably a lot of people sad about that decision of yours (and perhaps a few of them that are happy, but don’t mind them). You probably don’t know when will you move back, or will you ever. Cross-continental flights are also quite expensive, so who knows when will you come to visit. Make sure that you have said goodbye in a proper way and to everyone. Perhaps your favorite barista doesn’t deserve that much attention, but your grandmother certainly does. Just like you will make a list for packing, make one for people that are important and dedicate them your time. Your future self will be eternally grateful. Also, gather enough memorabilia, and make sure that all you take with you only small, light objects, like pendants and pictures, so you wouldn’t have to carry a ton of baggage with you.

3.Create a moving timeline

When it comes to any relocation, the amount of tasks is through the roof. But, if you take into consideration that you

Making a moving checklist
Creating a moving timeline when you are going abroad

are moving abroad, things get even more complicated. Days or even weeks that lead to the move can be quite confusing and filled with a lot of stress and mishaps. In order not to forget anything, make sure that you have created a moving checklist. There is no need for you to mess your move just because you didn’t dedicate enough time into planning. Make sure that all your legal documents are in order and go from there. If you are able, consult someone who has gone through a similar process and can offer you some guidance and advice. Have in mind that it is okay to ask for help, and that you will be so overwhelmed that no help will be rejected. Lean on your family and your close friends, but have in mind that your relocation abroad, is impacting them as well, and they might not be in their best shape.

4.Don’t forget about security

Perhaps the country you are moving into isn’t considered dangerous, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be extra careful. There are various things you should have in mind when moving abroad.

  • Make sure that all your valuables, money, passport, ID and important documents are safe and protected not only from thieves but also from natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes
  • Always know where is your embassy, have their number written, and make sure that you have a local emergency contact. We always hope nothing will happen, but just in case it does, it is better to be safe than sorry
  • When you move abroad, make sure that your apartment is protected, and that you are not exposing yourself to risky situations. Find a friendly neighbor and ask for advice about which parts of town are too risky etc.
What you should know before moving abroad
Moving abroad is a very difficult step

Living abroad is one of the most amazing decisions you can take in life, but with it also comes a great deal of responsibility. Don’t let yourself ruin this valuable experience by forgetting to do something important, and neglecting your responsibilities. Moving to another country is very overwhelming and filled with all sorts of ventures and it requires a lot of courage and capability. This experience, even if for only a couple of weeks will certainly broaden your views and your perception. The century we live in enables us to connect with every part of the world and discover the beauty in diversity that we have the privilege to attend. Relocating abroad is just a small step in the right direction, so in order not to mess it up, revise our guide a few times, until you are sure you are completely prepared for it.

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