Guide to a stress-free relocation

What kind of person are you – do you always worry or do you enjoy being carefree? Either way, when it comes to moving, not worrying is not an option. Has there even been a stress-free relocation? And if it was, was it any good? Is it possible not to worry and still get the job done well? Our answer is yes. Worrying and stressing means you have to suffer twice – once in advance, and a second time, if and when it actually happens. Stress-free relocation is not a myth or a legend, it is achievable and within your reach. You just need to know how to prevent it, and how to deal with problems, when they appear.

It is not possible to move without problems, unexpected breaches of deadlines, and unplanned costs. But it is possible to handle all of that in a better, healthier way. So, what can you actually do when it comes to achieving a stress-free relocation? Take a look at our guide for ideas and advice.

1.Don’t do a thing without a plan!

how to have a stress-free relocation
Online or offline, make a good and solid plan!

We can’t stress enough the importance of having a good plan. There are so many factors that contribute to moving and ignoring any one of them can turn out to be fatal to your relocation. Time needed, help wanted, contract with the moving company, weather, packing materials, budget, and much, much more. It is nor productive nor efficient to juggle all of that info in your head. You will cause problems, which in the end will cause stress for everyone. You will feel overwhelmed. So, take out your calendar, sticky notes, and your phone, and get to planning. If you are not sure how your relocation should look like, you can use this article as a very good reference. Make sure everyone knows what the plan is, and knows what is their role. That is the best way to have a stress-free relocation.

2. There is no stress-free relocation without a good budget.

The second most important thing, when it comes to moving without stress, is the budget. There is no way that any of the additional costs are going to lighten your mood. You will feel like all you do is empty your wallet. So many bills keep popping up, and you are in deep with no way out. This is one of the biggest stress factors when it comes to moving. But, how can you avoid this? You do have to pay those bills.

Well, first of all, make a budget and stick to it. Do your research and figure out how much things actually cost, and what is that you actually need. Don’t let anyone overcharge you, and don’t purchase things you won’t be needing during relocation.

Another thing you could do is figure out how to save some money when moving. If you want to have a stress-free relocation, this is completely necessary. Yes, the costs are going to be huge, but you can significantly decrease them with a little effort. So, why don’t you? Here you can find some ideas to get you started.

3. Eliminate everything that causes you stress

When it comes to people around us we may love them to death, but they can cause us tremendous stress. That is why it is sometimes best to keep them away while you are relocating. Although they have the best intentions, their delivery might not be what you need at the moment. You should also find someone else to take care of your children and pets or assume any other responsibility you might have. You need to focus all of your energy into relocation because you will be at your best then. This way it will be much easier for you to have a stress-free relocation, if you are only worrying about one thing, and not about a thousand.

4. Give yourself a break for a stress-free relocation.

We tend to put too much pressure on ourselves. We worry, we plan, we analyze and obsess… And we stress. Relocation has said to be as stressful as losing a spouse or a job. That is way too much for something that can occur several times in a year, not to mention a dozen times in someone’s life. So, why do we do it to ourselves? Stressing isn’t going to make the task easier or get it done better or faster. It will weaken our immune system, it will have an impact on our health and probably on our personal relations.

Making sure you have a stress-free relocation
Wine, beer or lemonade, just give yourself a break!

So, in addition to planning and organization, incorporate into your relocation giving yourself a break. It is okay if something didn’t go according to plan. It is not a big deal if you forget to do something. Yes, you should pause, take a break and allow yourself to relax. That doesn’t make you incompetent, lazy or irresponsible. That just makes you a human being that needs and deserves a break.

Relocation is difficult, and there is no shame in denying it. Underestimating the complexity of this life changing event isn’t helping anyone. You need to take the task seriously and you need to be ready for it. But, you don’t need to grow gray hair over it. Every problem has a solution, and every challenge can be surpassed. Figure out where your strength lies, and don’t settle for things. Don’t make compromises that damage your health, you deserve to have a stress-free relocation. 

Focus on the most important things and don’t waste time on the little things, such as the color of the boxes and wrapping paper, which books get to be packed first, and is the contract printed on a recycled paper. Invest your energy into picking a date, company and organizing your packing. Clean your home and throw away, donate or sell everything you don’t need anymore. This is the best way to have a stress-free relocation. Make sure that others know about your awesome experience!

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