Guide to expanding your Ontario house

A house in Ontario.

Do you need more space in your house? If you need an office, or room for kids you must figure out what to do. We have some tips on what to do if you are need of expanding your Ontario house and getting more space.

Tips for expanding your Ontario house

Here are some ideas on how you can make your house in Ontario bigger than it is now. Some of these projects are small and affordable, while others require more time and money.

  • If you currently don’t have money for renovation but you need more space in a house, declutter a garage, and a basement.
  • Connect the kitchen or the living room to the yard. Place new furniture in your backyard and you will have more space during the summer months in Ontario.
  • Build a shed in your backyard if you have enough space. A shed can be your guest home, office, garage, a playhouse for kids, etc.
  • Build and additional room attached to your house but mind the scale because you can easily overwhelm an existing structure. Make this room small and not that high as your house.
  • Creating a pavilion is also an option to consider if your backyard is big. It can be completely different from your home – different materials and a style.
  • You can be expanding your Ontario house by raising the roof and creating another floor. This is not fast and cheap but you will expand a house twice.
Cities in Ontario are growing all the time, this means cities need more houses and bigger houses

Renting a storage unit

If your house is not big enough for all your items, move them to a storage unit and you will have more space for you and your family. Renting a storage unit is an affordable option and you don’t need to remodel your home and to do some major projects. Rent the right size storage and transport items you are not using often and off-season clothing and decorations. Let furniture that is too large handled by pros and they will move items from your house to a storage unit with ease.

Creating a floor plan for expanding your Ontario house.
For bigger home projects, you should hire an architect and get all the permits for building in Ontario


Moving to a bigger house in Ontario

Some homes are just too small, especially if you have a bigger family now. One of the options you have left is to move to another Ontario home that is bigger than your current house. Research the real estate market in Ontario, and start organizing your relocation. One of the companies to consider for relocation is Number 1 Movers Ontario. Sometimes moving is the only option.


For expanding your Ontario house, first get all the permits if you want to build additional space and then hire a contractor with the experience you can trust. If you still think that you don’t have enough rooms and cannot do anything about that, it is time to move house.

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