Guide to furnishing a vacation house in Vail, Colorado

A vacation home in Vail, CO.

Did you bought a second home in Colorado and now it is time to furnish and decorate it? If it is time for furnishing a vacation house in Vail and you don’t know from where to start and how to do it, then you need a guide to follow. Most people are renting a vacation home when they are not there, so there are incomes. This is why furniture and decoration should be simple and neutral, so your tenants will like it as well as you do.

Tourism is well-developed (the economy relies on tourism) because this town is home to Vail Ski Resort which is the largest ski mountain in CO. It has a lot of hotels, restaurants, events, golf courts, and other fun things to do besides skiing and summer sports. The median rent here is $1,520, so you as a landlord should consider renting it if you are here just a couple of weeks or months in a year. Try living in a small town, it is less stressful and people are friendly. The population of Vail, Colorado is almost 6,000 so everyone knows each other and it is easy to be part of the community.

Vail during winter.
Vail is a perfect place for winter sports, but there are tourists all year round


Moving to your vacation home in Vail

If you will live in your vacation home in Vail for a couple of months, then you need to move other items besides furniture. For moving all those items you should have a transportation company on your side to make this process easier to handle. If you don’t have experience with driving a van (or any larger vehicle), then hiring a professional company is necessary because of the safety. Research companies from this area and ask for recommendations. We may recommend¬†Homegrown Moving Colorado since they have experience and they are reliable movers.

Tips for furnishing a vacation house in Vail, CO

Before you take photos of your vacation home and post it online (for potential tourists) or before you move into that home, you need to furnish it. How to choose the best furniture and how to transport them here? No matter are you moving just a couple of items or furniture for the entire house, a good organization is key. So, don’t waste your time anymore and start furnishing.

Furnishing a vacation house in Vail, Colorado.
Choose furniture that is simple and practical for your vacation home

Create a “furnishing” checklist

One of the first steps to take is to decide on the style of a house and to write down all the furnishings that you already own and the furniture you need to buy. If you have extra furniture in your primary home, hire a moving company and they will help transporting your furniture in the area. Make a list of all things you need to buy, not only furniture but also think about decorations, cleaning supplies, etc. Keep it simple and choose something that is easy to clean and maintain. Know your target guests if you are going to rent a house. It depends on the size of your home and the layout of your property. Keep in mind that Vail visits many families with kids.

Set a budget

What is your budget for furnishing a vacation house in Vail, Colorado, and how much money you can spend? Include everything in calculations, costs of packing for a move, moving costs, additional fees, home repairs, etc. If you will renovate a house, then you will need to separate a bigger budget. Can you afford it right now or you should wait a little longer?

Look for ideas online

To make a paradise from your vacation home, there are two solutions:

  1. Search online photos for inspiration and ideas
  2. Or, hire an interior designer

The second option costs more, and if you want to stay within the budget, do it by yourself, with a little help from the internet. Choose the style and create a house for relaxing in your price range.

Invest in durable furniture

Invest in good quality, in furniture that is durable and strong. It is because the furniture in vacation homes wears more quickly than in a regular home if you will have tenants. Choose practical furniture that is easy to maintain. Replace all old furniture in your vacation home and make it more appropriate for guests. When furnishing a vacation house in Vail, make sure it is nice looking and practical at the same time.

Cover up the flaws

Check your home and do some small repairs, it is not expensive. Make sure there are no threadbare sofas, cracks, and holes in the walls, leaks, broken pieces of furniture, etc. Also, make sure the home is completely clean and organized. Clean your home before you move and before your guests come too. Clean floors, change the bedsheets, sanitize the bathroom and the kitchen, clean the tables, and then you can relax in your home in Vail and enjoy it.

Provide good lightening

Play with lightening and use a lot of natural light. This will make your vacation home open and bigger. This can be your secret weapon. Buy interesting lamps, pick curtains that will provide enough light, but also, if you want to watch a movie, for example, you can just cover windows with them and there will be dark. Consider investing in energy-efficient lighting solutions and save money on your bills.

Street in Vail, CO.
Springs and summers are also beautiful, and many tourists are coming here instead of going to the beach

Don’t overdo it

Don’t put too many furniture and decorations, after all, it is your vacation home, you won’t live there full-time. Especially don’t put your personal items such as family photos or valuable furniture, if you are going to rent it to guests. When furnishing a vacation house in Vail, choose minimalism and simple items, natural colors, but still make sure it is cozy and warm.

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