Guide to staging your Sugar Land home for virtual tours

The interior of a living room after staging your Sugar Land home for virtual tours

During the current pandemic, virtual staging has become very popular. It’s an effective alternative to traditional practices like personal visits and home sightseeing. Instead, virtual staging allows everybody to digitally tour a home for sale. Hence, we offer you a guide to staging your Sugar Land home for virtual tours. Use the advantages technology offers to sell your home fast and easy with the help of professionals in the field.

Creating Home Virtual Tour

To all those who are complete amateurs in the field of virtual tours, here is a simple explanation. It includes creating 360-degree photos or videos of your precious home. Their aim is to highlight the best features of your property that potential buyers will find appealing. Understandably, having a professional by your side is always a good decision. Proven experience matters a lot as the quality of the virtual tour you create will certainly affect the final decision of potential buyers. Hence, to get a good offer and sell your home at a favorable price, consult someone with sound knowledge. Only then will you be able to enjoy your move to a new address after the sale.

A kitchen after staging your Sugar Land home for virtual tours.
Professional assistance will help immensely in creating a high-quality virtual tour of your home.

Home staging tips

Prior to creating a virtual tour, you will have to face some home staging first. What tips does our guide to staging your Sugar Land home for virtual tours include? Here is a short list.

Declutter first

The initial step of home staging is always decluttering. To help the viewers visualize themselves in your home, get rid of all the unnecessary items and those items that are too personal. Your home has to be promising for creating some new lovely memories. Help potential buyers forget that you have already created a lot of memories in this place yourself. Also, remember that getting rid of the items does not always mean throwing them away. Finding a secure unit for extra items emerges as an excellent solution. Your items are safe and sound until you need them again, and yet you can create a very effective virtual tour of your home.

Cleaning is the next step

Clean your home thoroughly before taking any photos or videos. Your home has to be perfectly clean to make a good impression. Dust all the corners, cabinets, and shelves. Although we are talking about virtual tours, you have to pay attention and clean even those areas that are not obvious as well as those that are not used on a regular basis. Once you have completed all these tasks, arrange your items neatly in every room.

Cleaning supplies
Cleaning precedes every home staging process.

Exterior and interior

Make sure both the exterior and interior of your property are impeccable. In other words, you will have to include your yard as well as the exterior of your house in the virtual tour. So, mow the lawn, clean the pathway, conduct the unavoidable repairs outdoors. Though they seem trivial at the first glance, these things can have a great impact on the first impression of a prospective buyer and also on the final selling price you will settle at.

Be wise

Being wise means you need to stress the advantages and make the disadvantages less visible and obvious. This does not mean deceiving but simply helping people understand the value and beauty of your home despite some minor flaws. To put things simply, you need to show buyers why they should invest in your property although there might be some slight disagreements between their wishes or expectations and the reality.

Don’t forget the natural light

A lot of natural light is what everybody loves. Thus, experts suggest opening the windows and letting the sun in while taking photos or a video. Whether moving with a family, a pet, or moving alone, each and every buyer will certainly love a nice, bright, and sunbathed space in their new home.

A woman stretching next to an open window.
Let the natural light enter your home.

Stay safe

Our guide to staging your Sugar Land home for virtual tours emphasizes the importance of not forgetting about safety. If your home virtual tour will be available to anyone online, it is not a good and sensible idea to include expensive items in the video. Do not take photos of any expensive equipment, your safe, or any precious items you might have. This way you will be protected from any potential burglars before your sale is over and experts transport your belongings to the new home location.

Organize your move after the sale

If you think hard work finishes at the same time as the sale, you are wrong. You will also have to organize a move after one of the potential buyers finally decides to buy your current home. Unsurprisingly, the novel coronavirus has influenced this sphere of our lives as well, but nothing is unachievable if you plan well.

If you are leaving the city for good and moving hundreds of miles away, the best you can do is contact professional movers to handle the whole process for you. The same tip applies even if you are moving locally. Only by having genuine professionals by your side will you be able to experience straightforward and safe relocation. However, it is essential that you choose the moving company you will trust for this task very carefully. Do research, compare, ask for all the information you need, and then make the final choice.

Good luck with your home sale!

After we have introduced you to our guide to staging your Sugar Land home for virtual tours there is only one more thing to say – good luck! Arm yourself with a lot of patience as selling your home might last more than you expect or want. Remember that we all live in circumstances we still have not got used to but we hope to achieve this soon. Selling your home and organizing a move during the pandemic is a big challenge, but a good plan, sensible choices, and professional assistance will make these endeavors easily manageable.


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