Guide to throwing a virtual housewarming party

A champagne bottle and glasses.

After moving into your new house, you will want to throw a housewarming party. However, since the coronavirus pandemic still lasts, you believe that this is not possible at the moment. But, we assure you there is another way to have your party and be sure that everyone is safe. And that is throwing a virtual housewarming party. Believe us, it can be equally fun as an ordinary one. If you are not certain how to organize this, we will help you with some tips.

Invite only your closest friends

First of all, you need to decide who you want to invite to see your new house. Of course, you can invite many people, but maybe the best option is to invite only your closest friends and people you know will share your happiness about your new home. Only, you should make sure to invite all people earlier, so they can organize the time if they want to come and have fun with you. But, do not invite anyone before you unpack properly after your move. When you finish with everything and move in properly, you can start making the list of guests.

 A notebook to make a list of people you want to invite when throwing your virtual housewarming party.
Only after you unpack, you can start creating a list of friends you want to invite.

If you want, choose a theme for your virtual housewarming party

After you decide who you want to invite to your virtual housewarming party, you can choose a theme and make the whole thing even more interesting. For example, you can inform people about what kind of costumes you want you all to wear. But, you can also choose a more casual thing – a housewarming party in pajamas. Since people today are mainly staying at home, this can easily be the most practical theme. And it will require less time for people to prepare for the virtual event. If you like, you can all drink something or eat pizza at the same time during the virtual party.

A wine bottle and wine glass.
If you want, you can all drink in your homes during the virtual housewarming party.

Choose the right time for throwing a virtual housewarming party

Then, it is very important to choose the time when everyone invited will be able to come. Maybe the best will be to throw your virtual party and show your friends your new home and how you arranged your furniture and decorations is around eight or nine at night. This is because the majority of people will be in their home at this time and they can relax and have fun.

Decorate your new home especially for this event

Finally, you can put some more effort in order to decorate your new house as beautifully and effectively as you can. Add some little cushions on your bed and armchairs, light candles, and turn on string lights in order to improve the atmosphere. You can also personalize your new place before your virtual housewarming party starts by putting some of your photos in frames on your open shelves.

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