Do you really need to hire movers when moving in Canada?

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How to be prepared to relocate to Canada? How to pack, how to transport all the items? It is a lot of how. Changing the country and leaving the USA takes a lot of work. Do you need to hire movers when moving in Canada, do you need packing and storage services too? Our advice is that you definitely need them, but why?

Why hire movers when moving in Canada?

We already say that you should hire movers when moving in Canada, but why, for what reason? We have many reasons and benefits of having reliable movers besides you. Long-distance moves are hard and almost impossible to do everything by yourself.

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Do not panic and do not be confused. There is an answer to any question

Peace of mind

Planning a move and leaving the USA is an overwhelming and emotional process. A good moving company can provide you peace of mind and stress-free move. A professional mover understands how relocation can be hard for a person or a family. That is why they are the best solution to handle a move like a pro.

Cost benefits

For moving to Canada consider hiring top rated relocation companies from Ontario because it will save you money. Long-distance moves are complicated and not safe for household items if you do not have experience. Without a mover, you will pay for a moving truck, gas, packing supplies, extra insurance, etc. When you calculate all the moving costs, you will see that it is more affordable to have a professional company.

A company is familiar with Canada

If you have never been to Canada before, it is totally unfamiliar to you. Cities, streets, shops…everything is different and new. You already have enough stress, so driving around a moving truck in a country you do not know is crazy. A mover that is specialized to transport items to Canada is familiar with the area.

A view of Toronto at night
Canada is a huge country, and mover are familiar with the area

You will have more time and energy

When you have a moving company to take care of your possessions, you will have more time for other obligations. Because transportation is not the only thing you will have to finish and to take care of. Also, spending time with your family and friends is important even if you are moving, especially then. Loading, unloading, driving, pacing will take you all the energy.

A fast and efficient move to Canada

Even if you are not moving in a hurry to Canada, it would be nice to do everything fast and on schedule. Create a moving checklist immediately when you decide to move and try to stay organized. Experience employees will take care of your belongings so you do not have to worry about them.

No heavy lifting

If you are not that strong you cannot lift all those heavy pieces of furniture. Even if you are, you cannot lift a sofa or a bed by yourself. So, having people to do the heavy lifting instead of you is a big advantage and benefit. Without proper training, it is hard to handle all the furniture alone with friends who also do not have any experience.

Storage and packing services

A good moving company should offer you storage and packing service, besides moving services. Some people are not able to visit Canada before moving there so, and they cannot find a home yet. Where to put all the items? A temporary storage unit is one of the best solutions. Also, if you do not have time or you do not know how to pack moving boxes, professional workers will know.

How to choose movers when moving to Canada?

And now when you know all the benefits of hiring a company for you Canada relocation, you should know how to pick the best. To avoid potential risk, spend a little more time researching and checking a company you want to hire. All the benefits we mentioned, have sense only if the company is reliable and experienced.

5 star rated company
Only hire top-rated mover if you want the best service
  • Ask friends and a real estate agent for referrals. Searching only online and in the phone book is not the safest way.
  • Get about three in-home moving estimates and choose the best deal for you. Do not stop after the first one when you need to hire movers when moving in Canada from the USA. Contact a few companies, such as Neeley’s Van and Storage and compare the bids.
  • Pay attention to details and watch out for red flags. Check their logo on vehicles and t-shirts, a good company will not ask for a cash deposit, experienced movers will know the answers to moving-related questions, etc.
  • Do not hire an unlicensed and uninsured moving company. Not only for moving to Canada but anywhere else.
  • Verify the company’s address. Ask for a business card, search online and in the phone book.
  • Read online moving reviews and comments from past clients. But, keep in mind that a reliable mover will have both, good and bad reviews (of course, more good than bad).

Conclusion – do you really need a moving company for Canada relocation?

Moving from the USA to Canada is a big step, no matter what the reason is for moving. Collecting all documents, searching for a new house/apartment, preparing your kids if you are moving whit them, transferring paperwork, changing address, etc. The last thing you need is to have additional stress about transportation, and that is why you should definitely hire movers when moving in Canada. Also, you can hire a full-service mover, so you do not need to take care of packing too.

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