Home buyer’s guide to Tysons Corner

Open house sign.

Tysons Corner is a suburb in Virginia (Fairfax County) with a population of almost 24,000. Washington D.C, Arlington, Reston, and Alexandria are cities near this small place. Do you want to buy a house here in Tysons? Before that step, you need to do a lot of research. Home buyer’s guide to Tysons Corner may help you find out some real estate trends and facts.

A home buyer’s checklist

What should you need to know? And what to pay attention to?

  • Make a down payment plan and know your budget.
  • What are your priorities when looking for a house – how many bedrooms, backyard, open concept or not, etc
  • Get pre-approved for your loan if you are getting a loan from a bank
  • Hire a real estate agent from Tysons Corner and visit a couple of houses
  • Make an offer and try to lower down the price if it is possible
  • Get a home inspection and do a final walk-through

Home buyer’s guide to Tysons Corner

Tysons Corner has a population of 23,500 and 42% of residents here own homes. The median home value is $490,000 and the average rent per month is around $1,900 and the prices are going up. This means that you need to be fast if you want to buy a house in Tysons Corner. But, you can find cheaper homes, just be persistent, there are suburbs with a low cost of living in Virginia, and Tysons Corner is one of them. Houses are on market for 85 days on average, but every year this number is smaller.

House keys.
Before you buy a house, research and be fully prepared

If you want more space in your house, don’t make clutter. Make sure to put away things you don’t use often in a storage unit in Tysons Corner. Many people here are renting a storage unit for off-season items, old things, etc. This way you can buy a smaller home and save money, as well as making your home more stylish.

Moving items to a new home in Tysons Corner

After buying a house, it is time to transport your items there. It will be easier if you hire a professional moving company such asĀ Zippy Shell Moving and Storage NV. You will need to pack and move clothing, furniture, valuables, kitchenware, among other things.

Getting keys after reading.
Purchasing a home is the biggest decision of a lifetime.

A real estate agent from this area will help you pick your dream home and introduce you to the real estate market and trends. Have a team of people you trust around you – not only an agent but also, movers, family, and friends. If you are moving to Virginia and you are purchasing a home for the first time, with a home buyer’s guide to Tysons Corner, you will make a good financial investment.

Many families live here as well as young professionals. Public schools are highly rated and at the same time, the nightlife is amazing. It is not a boring city as one might think. Do a little research and you will get positively surprised with everything this town has to offer to a brand new homeowner.

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