House hunting in British Columbia: where to look first 

Canadian flag, read about House hunting in British Columbia

We can’t blame you if you start house hunting in British Columbia. BC is one of the best provinces in Canada. It has many jobs opportunities because there are many tech and software companies. A significant contributor to British Columbia’s stable economy is the many ports. Because of its trustworthy economy, you can find a well-paying job and won’t have to downsize to a smaller home. When it comes to education, BC does not lack. The second-best school in the country is there – the University of British Columbia. And the province is where diverse. Let’s see where to look for a place. 

House hunting in British Columbia – Victoria 

Victoria is the capital of the BC province. The city has a population of approximately 85,000 people. However, Victoria might seem small, but it has all the amenities of big cities in Canada with the community of smaller towns. 

You can easily find a job in many different business sectors -government, tech, tourism. When it comes to education, Victoria has two exceptional schools – The University of Victoria and Camosun College.

What sets Victoria apart from other Canadian cities is the climate. Because of its location, Victoria’s winters are not as cold. 

blue sky with clouds
Because of the weather – move to Victoria.

Finally, compared to the more rural areas of British Columbia, Victoria’s health care system is much better. To get to Victoria, BC team up with skilled people who specialize in long-distance moves. With the best movers Victoria has to offer, you will relocate stress-free and smooth. 

Squamish, British Columbia

Squamish is a small town with a population o about 19,000 people. Let’s see why Squamish is a good choice for you.

  • Why you should consider house hunting in British Columbia is because of Squamish. The first reason why move to Squamish is because it is on Sea to Sky Highway. Sea to Sky Highway goes through British Columbia. If you want to get anywhere in the province, go on it. 
  • The second benefit of moving to Squamish is the cost of living. Compared to the average cost of living in Canada, Squamish is still more expensive. However, compared to the average cost of living in British Columbia, Squamish is not as costly. Squamish is 11 percent more affordable than the average in BC. In addition, to the cost of living, Squamish is safer than the rest of the country. So if you like what Squamish has to offer, consider moving here. If you need to store some of your items, read about storage renting for beginners

When you finish house hunting in British Columbia, here is how to find movers

The number one tool for finding movers is the internet. Read as many reviews on moving companies in British Columbia. When you complete reading reviews, call the companies and ask them about their price. If you have no luck with movers, you can rely on They know the British Columbia area well and will get you anywhere you want. 

movers loading the truck
After you finish house hunting in British Columbia, find respected movers to get you there.

You are ready to go

We hope we have helped you with house-hunting in British Columbia. When you finally find a home and start the moving process, make sure to maximize space in moving boxes. Good luck!

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