How to add value to your home in San Francisco

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You decided to move and put your current home on the market. Now, you should think about how to maximize its value. The first step would be to arrange for valuation before you make any changes. And then, to go through our checklist and see what you can improve to add value to your home.

A quick guide on how to add value to your home

We won’t bother you with estimations as they may vary. Instead, you should analyze with a surveyor how much value specific refurbishing adds to your home. Furthermore, to save as much on your move, check how to deduct your moving expenses.

Solving any structural problems. Some of them are: 

  • a leaking roof or missing or broken roof tiles, 
  • condensation,
  • cracks in the walls due to soil movement, and
  • insect or pest infestation.

If you worry about mixing up structural defects with simple cosmetic flaws, don’t hesitate to consult a structural engineer or a surveyor.

Fixing old electrics and plumbing. Rewiring may be crucial if it hasn’t been done in years. Furthermore, use the opportunity to add sockets and update the lighting.


Kitchen and bathroom makeover. A clean and stylish kitchen is attractive both to potential buyers and valuation surveyors. Quite often, investment in kitchen remodeling can be rather modest. Bathrooms need to look fresh and hygienic with a touch of luxury. Change the tiles if they’re chipped. Replace existing sanitaryware and make sure there is strong but silent ventilation.

Attractive and clean bathroom will add value to your home
Clean and stylish rooms add value to your home

Garden and exterior makeover. Making sure your garden is not only skillfully designed but well kept, helps to make the property more appealing to potential buyers. Note that privacy is essential and thus improving the feeling of peacefulness will add value to your home. Garden makeover is not necessary but you should at least:

  • sweep away any debris and dig up weeds and dead plants,
  • cut back overgrown bushes and trees,
  • create interesting shapes with colorful flower beds,
  • repair your lawn.

The exterior makeover includes the following work:

  • changing/repairing/repainting doors and windows,
  • repainting walls,
  • adding facade lighting.

Use up every bit of space

Add an extra bedroom. It is certainly one of the best selling points. Additional bedrooms can be created by removing and adding walls, or by converting a garage, loft or cellar.

Add bathrooms. Ideally, every floor that has bedrooms should have at least one bathroom. If you are converting the attic or the basement, try to build in at least a WC if there’s no space for a full bathroom.

Add more storage space. Practical and sufficient storage significantly increases your property’s value. Utilize every bit of spare space. Look for concealed nooks and understairs area. Finally, build shelves. 

Now you should be ready to advertise your property and call relocation experts in the San Francisco area.

DIY tips for adding additional value

Some ideas that will make a difference include adding wooden floors and sanding floorboards, repainting throughout in neutral shades, decluttering, and styling with furniture, accessories, and flowers.

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