How to deduct your moving expenses?

deduct your moving expenses

One of the main reasons why people dislike moving and relocating all of the household items is the price of relocation. Expenses for renting a moving truck, buying packing materials and changing your residence can add up to a high amount. If you don’t plan your relocation months in advance and save money, you may end up spending more than anticipated. To move within your budget, consider our tips and deduct your moving expenses as much as you can. That way you will be able to conduct your move without unnecessary stress.

Know your budget in advance

Preparation and good organization skills are very important when preparing for the moving day. You have to make sure not to overspend and still do every task before the moving day. All of the moving expenses will include your relocation expenses and packing materials. You will have to include preparing your new home for your arrival. At the same time, you have to make sure to leave the old residence in good condition. This way you will prevent losing your security deposit and add to your relocation expenses.

Make sure to calculate your budget before you start organizing your move.

The best way to know how to organize your move and deduct your moving expenses is to know your budget. The cost of moving can be calculated in advance if you put on paper everything you need to do for the move. This way you will know how much money you can spare on your relocation. When on a budget, you will want to deduct your moving expenses and find creative ways to relocate without stress. After you know your budget for the move you will know if you can use quality moving assistance.

Get help from friends

When your goal is to deduct moving expenses, you should organize your friends and family members to help you with the move-related tasks. Having someone who can help with various tasks is very important when you have to relocate in one week.  When you have help, you can divide the tasks among your friends. That way you will save time and money at the same time. One friend can help you sort out your clothes while someone else prepares the leftover food you cannot pack for the move. On the other hand, you can ask your male friends to help you with small repairs around your home. Also, they can help with taking down shelves or taking apart big furniture pieces or moving big kitchen appliances.

Get cheap packing supplies

Your friends can assist in finding cheap or free packing supplies. This process can help deduct overall moving expenses. However, if you have friends around, you may hear different opinions and avoid the most common moving mistakes. Your friends may have plastic bins they don’t use or even packing boxes they can spare. In case you need to find free moving boxes for your relocation, check out the local bookstores, markets, and big chain stores. They may receive regular shipments with groceries or books they may not need. Usually, they will be happy to let you take them off their hands.

You can cut down on relocation costs if you organize your friends to help you with the move.

Compare movers and deduct your moving expenses

If you decide to use a quality moving service to relocate your belongings, you should find the most affordable solution. In case you need military moving professionals, you should choose a reliable company. It is highly advisable to look for movers who specialize in military personnel relocations.

Even if you are just relocating your home belongings, make sure to conduct a thorough research before hiring any moving company. You can start your online search for movers in your area. When you find a few prospective companies, make sure to check their official company’s status and license. To do that, your movers will provide their id and the license number. At FMCSA website you can check all the official fact about the company in question.

After you check the company’s validity, you should research them online even more. Great quality movers have web pages that offer numerous information about the services they provide. You should also make sure to read up on the official moving reviews for the companies you like. This way you will get more information about the company’s conduct and professional approach.

When to negotiate with the moving company?

When you have the list of movers in your area that fit your moving requirements, make sure to ask for the moving quote. The moving quotes are the estimates of the moving costs. Getting quotes is very important because after you receive the official moving estimate, you will be able to negotiate the price and the terms with a moving company. That way you may be able to deduct on your moving expenses when using professional movers for your relocation.

Avoid moving during the busy season for movers

Professional moving companies with years of experience are very busy during at particular times of the year. When the moving season is at peak, the moving expenses may be more than you expect. On the other hand, during the busy moving season movers are fully booked and you have to let them know a month in advance about your moving plans. When in a situation you can choose your moving date and plan everything in advance, you can deduct your moving expenses more easily. Consider making a deal with your movers and choose the moving date accordingly.

If you can consider using a partial packing service. Your movers can take or bulky and heavy items.

Other ways to save money on your move

There are other ways to deduct your moving expenses. You can:

  • Organize a garage sale – declutter your home and move only essential items. Other items you can sell for a profit in a garage sale.
  • Use what you have for packing – you can save money on packing supplies if you protect your items with shirts, kitchen towels, blankets etc.
  • Use movers only for bulky and heavy items – some moving companies will offer a partial packing service. They can take care of your kitchen appliances and bulky furniture pieces while you pack everything else.

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