How to prepare antiques for moving

Antique watch

It is very hard and challenging to prepare antiques for moving. It presumes very long preparation and involving of different persons in your packing. There are many reasons for that.

  • Antiques are highly valuable so you must not damage them when moving;
  • Most of those items have special emotional value for you and your family;
  • Usually, they are sensitive, made of materials that are easy to be damaged;
  • Do not forget that is hard to protect materials that are old, so time already damaged them;
  • Finally, before prepare antiques for moving you should prepare documentation, too.

Now, when you know what to be aware of, you should prepare your antiques for moving. As in any other moving, you should consider using special moving companies for help.

Prepare antiques for moving like this table

Finding the most trustworthy company for moving is very important

You should know that it is not easy to prepare antiques for moving. However, the first step should be finding a trustworthy company that knows how to help you. It could be a very hard job, though.

Do not do this job on your own

Although you can easily organize moving on your own, when moving antiques you should not be so frivolous. The most important is to find a skilled and experienced moving company for this job. They will know how to prepare antiques for moving, too. They could advise you about needed documentation, or they will have professionals for that.

You will need a professional appraiser of value

It is not easy to estimate the value of your antiques. Luckily, that is why there are professionals who know that. You should hire them to appraise the value of your items and document it. On that way, you will be able to take proper moving insurance, too.

Prepare antiques for moving

Most of the time you will actually pack and protect your antiques for moving. However, it is not like any other moving. When preparing cat relocation, for example, you will need only her box and food. This time, thus, you must find professional packing materials.

Clean items

Do not forget that antiques are full of dust or cobweb. Mostly antiques need special types of cleaning, so make sure that you have not damaged them. However, you will need to clean them. It will allow to moving company to easily protect them and keep protected.

Antique books

Protect antiques when moving, too

It is very important to know how to protect antiques for moving. Most people wrap them in thick materials. In some occasions, those materials could even damage your items more.

Prepare special materials

You will need special materials for protecting your antiques, too. Most of them include microfiber cloth, paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, waterproof plastic, blankets, corner protections, and dolls.

Antique chest of drawers

Take photos from different angles

The ultimate moving checklist is first you should make when moving. However, this time you will need to make a photo of your antiques. Make them from different angles and positions. It is important to prepare antiques for moving properly.

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