How to prepare your children for the relocation

Prepare your children for the relocation

So you have decided to move to another city or country and you are wondering how to prepare your children for the relocation? Fear not, you are in the right place. Moving itself is stressful, but moving with kids can be even worse. Besides packing and finding a new school, emotional preparation is also needed. Relocation for them means getting out of their comfort zones and saying goodbye to everything familiar to them. Whether moving with toddlers, school kids or teens, prepare them for what is coming. There are many secrets of a successful move, so if you are interested in how to prepare your children for the relocation, keep on reading.

A family meeting is a must

Before you even mention the relocation process, have a family meeting. Order some pizza, sit in your favorite family room, and start talking. It is necessary to explain to your children why this move is important for the family. You can also explain what the move will be like and what challenges might occur during the process of relocation. In this way, you can solve the problem in advance. It will be a kind of relocation exercise. Also, try to encourage your children to express their feelings.

How to prepare your children for the relocation
No matter what the circumstances are, the most important way to prepare your kids for the process of relocation is to talk about it.

Research the new place together

Before the actual moving day, you can take one day or a few days trip to your new city or country. It will be much easier if the children can get a glimpse of their future home. This should make the transition process much easier. While you are there, focus on fun activities. You can visit parks, go sightseeing, or go to the museum Also, while you are there you should visit each child’s school or university. Talk to the teachers and professors. If you already found your future home, make sure to go there. Children can get excited if you show them their new rooms or the yard where they can soon play. Moreover, by doing this, you can explore your neighborhood, parks that are close by, and your neighbors.  Make sure to choose a community which has a lot of children and good schools. This is one way to prepare your children for the relocation. Also, try to find a place which is best to raise a family in.

Prepare your children for the relocation by including them

It is necessary that your children do not feel like they are not important or left out. Besides talking to them about the move, and visiting your future home, try to include them in the process of the relocation. You can do that by involving them in packing. Provide them with boxes and bins, and colorful markers. In this way, they can contribute by packing all their toys or books. You will have less work, and they will have more fun. Moreover, you can sit down and make room plans. But, you do not have to limit yourselves to rooms only.  Pay a visit to your local hardware store and look at some paint swatches. You can also, pick new furniture and decorations together.

Teddy bear in a girls room
Choosing the looks of their new room can get your children excited for the move. So make sure to involve them in the process.

Purge before packing

Sometimes it is difficult for children to say goodbye to their toys and books. But a purge before packing is a must. You can make this a fun event by organizing a yard sale. Tell them that if they sell some of their old things, they can use that money to buy something new after the sale. This can make them feel excited to sell more of their belongings. Having fewer things to pack and bring with you will make your life easier.

Teddy bear in a box
Do not forget to donate old toys to a charitable organization.

Host a goodbye party

One of the most difficult things about relocation for any child is saying goodbye to their friends and relatives. So, try to make them feel better by organizing a small goodbye party. Invite all of your closest family and friends, and of course your children’s schoolmates and neighbors. Make this party a fun event. Order pizza, or if the weather is good, have a barbecue in the yard. Play some music. Create fun activities for the kids. A very important thing to remember is to make sure that everyone exchanges contact information. Besides phone numbers, encourage them to find each other on social media, like Skype or Facebook. After the party is over, explain to your children that you will try as much as possible to visit your home town whenever you have an opportunity to do so.

After the move

You made it! Good job. Now it is time for unpacking. As previously mentioned, get your children involved. After the heavy lifting is over, leave the decoration to them. Then, after you have settled in, go for a walk around your new neighborhood. Meet people. Visit restaurants and try the local food. Try showing schools to your children and have them meet their new professors. If your children are younger, set play dates with your neighbors. This can break the ice, and all of you can make new friends. Besides this, you can invite all the people from your street to a “get to know each other” party. Or if you are feeling nostalgic, invite some of the old friends to be guests in your new home. 

Father and son exploring the city
Try to make this relocation a beginning of something great!

Have Fun!

Another thing you can do to help your children forget about the relocation stress is to be touristy in your new place. Google fun things to do in the new city, or buy a guidebook. And start exploring. Moreover, here are some fun things you can do with your family:

  • Visit local restaurants
  • Organize a “welcoming” party
  • Go see a movie in your local cinema
  • Explore the streets
  • Go to the beach, if there is one
  • Get a pet
  • Build a tree-house

Now you know how to prepare your children for the relocation. So, try to make this a fun event. Good luck!

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