How to protect your pool table from damage when moving

A pool table.

Packing is part of every moving process. What to do when you need to pack and move large and heavy items such as a pool table? How to protect your pool table from damage when moving and to move it safely? If you don’t have any experience with relocation, don’t worry. Find a moving guide to follow, prepare your supplies, ask for help, and move like a pro.

Tips to protect your pool table from damage when moving

Pool tables are not cheap and even the smallest mistake can cause damage. Find your packing tips and move a pool table successfully. Prepare yourself for this big packing project and move to a new house with your pool table.

A pool table.
If you are enjoying playing billiards, don’t leave your pool table in your old house – relocate it!


The first step is to prepare for relocation. Ask friends for help, because a pool table is too heavy.

  • You will need containers to put all the nuts, bolts, and other small parts of your pool table.
  • Buy a moving blanket to protect your pool table from damage when moving.
  • Decide do you want to keep the cloth or to replace it after moving.
  • Take a photo of your pool table before disassembling so you will know how to put it together again.


To move heavy items that are hard to handle you should take it apart first. Remove all removable parts before moving.

  • Remove the legs, pockets, and rails. It is easier and safer to move a pool table when it is not in one piece.
  • Take off the felt. It is probably stapled to the pool table or glued in place.
  • Remove the slate with a power drill. Keep in mind that it can weigh about 800 pounds.

Hiring a moving company to move a pool table

Having someone experienced to do this is highly recommended. Packing and moving a pool table is not a simple task to do. Pool tables are large and heavy. Research moving companies from your area – movers that are reliable and experienced. Moving specialty items require knowledge too, besides experience. If you are looking for the easiest and safest way to move a pool table to a new house, this is it. 

Protect your pool table from damage when moving and place it in your room.
If you want a game room in your house, know how to transport your pool table stress-free

Storing your pool table

Pool tables are large and if you don’t have enough space in your new home – you should safely store it. Renting a storage unit is one of the options to consider, so you don’t have to get rid of your pool table. might offer you different storage options when moving, in case if you need to store more items.

Choose the right size storage unit by calculating how many items you need to put inside. Your pool table and other items will be safe there. Protect your pool table from damage when moving and also protect it when storing it.

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