How to spend an exciting weekend in Queens with friends


It is vital to be mobile in life. Are you bored of your current environment and ready for a break? You are in the right place. One of the ways you could relax is to spend a weekend in Queens with friends and have fun. There is nothing that should be holding you back from this fantastic idea. We will give you a few tips on how to enjoy Queens properly. Stick with us and you will love your trip for sure.

Best ways to spend an exciting weekend in Queens with friends

Whether you’re moving permanently or just heading to Queens for the weekend, you’re sure to love this place. Queens is a magical place that has so much to offer you. You just need to know what you are looking for and what awaits you there. Planning ahead is very important, regardless of whether it is a move or a short vacation.

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Spending a weekend in Queens with friends is a great idea

#Socrates sculpture park

It is best when something bad is made into something good. That’s exactly what they did with this park. Regardless of whether you need advice on moving from or you are just planning to spend a weekend in Queens, this park is something you must visit. What do we mean by saying something bad was turned into something good? Well, this place used to be a landfill and now it has been transformed into a beautiful outdoor museum. Here you can see large-scale pieces of art for free. It is the only open-air museum in the area. It is also great that this park is located relatively close to many other beautiful locations that are worth visiting.

#Queens botanical garden

Are you a lover of nature and beautiful flowers? We assume so. Greenery and beautiful flowers relax everyone and mean a lot, especially today. Many would think that they cannot enjoy the beautiful nature in an urban area like Queens, but that is not true. Try to engage experts in the process of moving and come to Queens as soon as possible to visit the beautiful botanical garden. Come to Queens when the weather is nice and see for yourself the beauty of this 39-acre garden. You will not believe what you see with your eyes. The variety of flowers in this garden is something that can rarely be seen anywhere. It is definitely worth visiting this place with friends.

#Queens Museum

If you are a museum lover, try to find the right time to move or travel and be sure to come to Queens. The Queens Museum is definitely something that will not leave you indifferent. This museum is great because it is accessible and close to many other beautiful locations. If you decide to visit it, you will easily be able to visit other places as well. The museum was built in 1964 for the needs of the World Fair and many of the exhibits inside are related to that. Inside there are about 10,000 exhibits that will surely amaze you. No art lover can resist. Aim to see something instructive and beautiful together with your friends, that way you will make the most of the trip.

Queens is a beautiful place with a lot to offer

#New York Hall of Science

There is a place near Corona Park that will make your weekend in Queens with friends worth it. Are you a science lover and want to learn something in a fun way? There is no better place for that than the New York Hall of Science. This place, like the Queens Museum, was created for the needs of the World Fair. If you love science, you must not miss the opportunity to visit this legendary place. The Hall of Science has around 100, 000 square feet of space and is home to around 500 interesting workshops and exhibits. Perhaps the best thing about this place is that you can do your own experiments. Yes, you heard right. It has a design lab where you can have fun with your friends and experiment with all you want.

#The Rockaways

Don’t think we forgot about the beaches. Is there a better place to spend the weekend with friends than the beach? The beauty of Queens is what it has to offer everyone. The Rockaways beach is definitely one of those spots that are well worth visiting. When people talk about experiences with living in urban cities they tend to forget about beaches. We will not make that mistake. The beach is lined with fine sand that gives you the feeling of being on a tropical island. The water is ideal for swimming and surfers from all over the world often come here. If you get hungry or need something to drink, there are fast-food restaurants all along the beach that offer a wide variety of food. You can’t come to Queens without experiencing what it’s like to be on the beach in the city.

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Don’t worry about the trip, it will be easy

#Astoria Park

You must not come to Queens without visiting the legendary Astoria Park. This natural beauty offers many different activities to its visitors, no matter how old they are. It is equally loved by athletes and people who just sit around and enjoy the good weather. If you love sports and like to be active this place should be heaven for you and your friends. It has to offer you basketball courts, outdoor tennis courts, a bandstand, a track, walking trails, and actual playgrounds. There is even an outdoor pool where you can swim. The fact that you are with your friends should make this place even more fun, you can play team sports you wouldn’t be able to play otherwise.


Traveling or moving doesn’t have to be challenging or stressful at all. Everything is about good organization and planning in advance. A good weekend in Queens with friends is just what you need to relax and find some peace these days. If you do everything correctly you will have a great time that is for sure.

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