How to utilize wardrobe boxes after relocation

A boy playing in the box because the kids always have an idea about how to utilize wardrobe boxes after relocation.

A relatively new and creative way to pack your clothes is coming in the shape of wardrobe boxes. Generally, they are a practical solution to pack your belongings for any kind of move. However, one thing is a minor issue like with any other kind of boxes. What to do with them after moving is over? In order to utilize wardrobe boxes after relocation, you have a couple of interesting choices.

A couple of ways to utilize wardrobe boxes after relocation

Generally speaking, wardrobe boxes are simple card boxes or dresser boxes with an additional hanger at the top. Depending on the type and weight of your clothes, you can choose between a couple of light and heavier models. They are extremely easy to handle. Many moving companies, including, will have little to no trouble loading them to the transportation vehicles. Also, they are a very convenient solution even for a DIY move. The only thing left for you is to think about how to make use of them after unpacking. Usually, you have a couple of solutions like:

  • You can store them for a later use
  • Sell the wardrobe boxes or give them away
  • Use wardrobe boxes for storage
  • Be creative and use them for fun

You can store them for a later use

One of the most common things you can do with them is to store them away. If you think you can make use of them anytime in the future, simply save them. To do so, you will have to dismantle them first which is nothing too complex. Once dismantled, flatten them down so they use less space in the storage. Often times, this is a good way to keep track of your expenses when moving in the future.

Sell the wardrobe boxes or give them away

You always have an option to sell the boxes. This is nothing near significant earning but at least you will get rid of them. And, help someone on the way. Usually, the internet would be the best place to advertise selling. Many people are looking for various solutions and someone will definitely show interest in your boxes.

Another thing, you can give them away. You can also use the internet or you can ask around if someone is moving or would have a use for them. Maybe your family, friends, or neighborhoods are in need of such boxes and you can come as a saver. Also, there is always an option to donate if they are in good shape.

Use wardrobe boxes for storage

What is better than using the wardrobe boxes for storage? If you have some extra items you want to store, wardrobe boxes are an excellent solution. Just, make sure you are using those in better shape and store them in your garage, closet, attic, or storage unit.

Storage unit filled with boxes and different items.
A mess or sorted out? It’s a matter of perspective.

Be creative and use them for fun

Let your imagination loose. There are thousands of great ideas about how to creatively use your boxes. Whether it is for fun or just a practical use. After all, you can always make a playground for your kids, with boxes as the main attraction. They will definitely love to do whatever they want with them.

A card box with “problem of ideas” label.
When you hit the creativity wall, ask your kids for help.

Usually, wardrobe boxes are a big and unnecessary asset to your household possessions. However, with a little effort, you can find many ways about how to utilize wardrobe boxes after relocation to a new home. Choose their purpose and enjoy the clean home in no time.


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