Interesting facts about Bergen County, NJ

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At some point in life, we all can find ourselves in that vicious circle of daily obligation. You can be stuck in one place with the same daily schedule. That is the moment when we start to think about traveling or even moving and relocating the whole life. When you start to search about some new locations, some general things about a particular place will draw you. What will keep you there, and make you decide that this is a place you want to be? Well, those would be the interesting facts about the place in question. The place that will surely attract you is Bergen County in NJ. Interesting facts about Bergen County, NJ will make you think about the new place for adventure or even for living.

Where to go?

Bergen country is located in the north part of New Jersey state. This is the most populous and wealthiest country in New Jersey. This small country is divided into municipalities but it does not have large cities. If you decide to move here, with Movage Moving NYC you can be at your new address in no time. These experienced people will relocate you to your new nice and quiet place as quickly as possible.

Spring in New Jersey
NJ is always a good choice

Probably any country in the Us has something interesting to offer, but Bergen country is stepping out with some interesting facts that will attract you immediately. Those are facts about:

  • This country has a rich history to offer.
  • This is one of the greenest countries in NJ.
  • Other social benefits it has.

The beauty is in details

We have to mention that Bergen country is one of the first counties. Before colonists come to be, Bergen County was inhabited by Native American people of the Lenape nation. During the revolutionary war, several battles happened around Bergen Country.

The parks in Bergen country cover more than 9000 acres, and it is considered to be one of the greenest countries in New Jersey. This is enough space for nature lovers to enjoy their life fully. If you move whit your family or with your pet, they will enjoy spending quality time outside. You can have a healthier life if you decide to relocate from the big city to this peaceful place, downsize and change your current location.

Nature in New Jersey
Have a wonderful time outside

Bergen has the best school system and best schools in the whole of New Jersey. Country Academies in Hackensack is voted as one of the best schools in the entire USA.

A place for a peaceful life

This is a country that obeys blue laws. For instance, that means that on Sunday only food retailers are allowed to work. Living in Bergen country is good and safe. The crime rate is low here. The population is diverse. From stealers to now day inhabitants, people have come across the whole globe here. From all parts of Europe, from Asia, from Latin Americas, from Africa. You can find people from every part of the world in here, and all of them live along peacefully. This will give you the opportunity to explore many things and learn something new. Here is all about the community and being part of society. Even when moving, helpful teams can always jump in and help you settle. When moving to any of the municipalities in Bergen county you will feel like you are welcome here, and you will be.

Cape May
Live a fulfilled and peaceful life

Use your time and your resources wisely and make some good decisions in your life. Discover something exciting and new. Interesting facts about Bergen County should be something that will attract you and tickle your mind and it is up to you to explore further.

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