The most interesting sights and landmarks in Rego Park,Queens

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When visiting NYC, there’s so much to do and see. Every borough is a separate place and offers so many things to do. That’s why many people feel confused when they travel to NYC, especially for a short visit. So, if you’re visiting Queens, we want to make sure you only see the best and don’t waste any time. So, we prepared the list of the most interesting sights and landmarks in Rego Park, Queens, so you can make a solid plan for your visit and use your time the best way possible. Enjoy!

Before you start sightseeing…

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The bridge as one of the sights and landmarks in Rego Park, Queens
It’s easy to understand why would someone want to move to Queens – check out the top sights and landmarks in Rego Park, Queens and then start planning your relocation.

What are the top sights and landmarks in Rego Park, Queens?

Here’s the list of must-see locations in this lovely neighborhood.

The Unisphere

This amazing landmark is in Queens since World’s Fair, and it’s definitely something you should see while staying in Rego Park, Queens. The stainless steel planet Earth is symbolizing the start of the space age and is 43m high, and 37 m wide.

The Unispshere is one of the sights and landmarks in Rego Park, Queens
Don’t miss your chance to visit the Unisphere.

Queens night market

One of the things you need to see and visit when in Rego Park, Queens is the Queens Night Market. Food, drinks, crafts, and much more are available from 5 pm do midnight, so be sure to check the schedule and visit this lively event while you’re here.

Queens Zoo

Queens Zoo is definitely a top destination if you are in Queens with your kids. It includes more than 75 species, including pumas, bears, bison, etc. So, if you’re staying in Rego Park with your family, visit this peaceful area of the city and see some fantastic animals.

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Rego Park Jewish center

One of the sights and landmarks in Rego Park, Queens,  the art deco Jewish Center is something you can miss. This building has an interesting architecture was built in 1948 by a Hungarian artist and is definitely one of the symbols of the neighborhood.

Queens is a great neighborhood that includes a lot of smaller boroughs such as Rego Park. The variety of options often attracts people to move to New York, as it gives you so many opportunities to work and have fun. Maybe Rego park is your next home – go check it out and see!

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