Interesting ways to let people know you’re moving

Thank you card with a pot of flowers

Moving can be a difficult process to tackle if it means moving away from the people that you care about. It can be an emotional and sad moment for all. This is why letting people know about your moving plans can be difficult and one of the first things on your moving schedule to do. However, it is something that must be done as sometimes moving is inevitable. With this in mind when preparing for a move you should try to liven things up. So, don’t be boring but try to find some interesting ways to let people know you’re moving. Here are a few suggestions on how to do it.

Be unique

Whether you are moving a lot or it’s your first time use the opportunity to make the move memorable and unique. Some of the interesting ways to do it can be

  • Sending an interesting announcement card
  • Going away or┬áHouse warming party
  • Use pre-pointed postcards
  • Video announcement

Send announcement cards

You can always purchase or designed announcement cards yourself. You can pick or create one that reflects your character or personality. These cards can be funny and quirky to make the going away seem fun. You have the option of mailing them via post. Or you can use your email to let everyone know that you are moving.

Party hard

One of the ways to do it is to make a party. You have two options. Make a going away party if you can manage it in the midst of the moving chaos or if you can make a housewarming party and invite your friends, old neighbors, etc. Both of these will allow you to see the people you care about one last time. After the move chances are that you might lose touch so make the opportunity to have v fun and say goodbye.

A housewarming party one of many ways to let people know you're moving
Make a party to say farewell


One of the ways to do it is to record a video. You can do it before or after the move. The announcement can also picture a part of the moving process, like packing. You can also show your friends the frenzy of packing and the confusion of the moving day making them visualize the process with a photo of a stack of boxes. Do not forget to mention your new address. You can also use social media as a tool to get this video across these days.


If you do not have the time for any particular organization or you are not too creative you can use simple postcards. It is easy to choose a meaningful postcard that does not have to be related to moving. You can put a label on each of them with the info about your upcoming move along with your new address and other contact data. Even this can be personalized with a fin and interesting line to make it more memorable.

A postcards sign
Write a card with your new address

To conclude

Although moving can be emotional and cause a lot of sadness there is no reason for it to seem like the end of the world. There are many ways to interesting ways to let people know you’re moving so try to make it a memorable moment with these short suggestions.

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