International relocation preparations

Be prepared to put an effort when planning an international relocation

Moving over the country borders is a move to unknown. Regardless if you’re moving just to a next-door country, or if you’re moving overseas. All types of international relocation are equally demanding for realization. What might be easier is getting used to cultural differences if you’re moving to a country with a similar culture. Otherwise, if you’re moving completely to another culture, i.e. if moving from the USA to Japan, you’ll probably need quite a long period of time to adjust. Having this in mind, we contacted several top international relocation experts and consulted them about the recommendations. How you should prepare, what to do to overcome cultural differences and stuff like that. And this is the article with tips and hints for you to better prepare for moving overseas.

Top pieces of advice from the experts: How to avoid troubles when moving overseas?

Hire international moving company to help you with moving abroad
If moving abroad, hire international moving company

As we mentioned the international migration to Japan from the USA, this is perhaps one of the best examples of overall difficulty a person can experience when moving abroad. Even not taking into consideration the cultural differences. Which is probably huge, no matter what you consider. The very distance is also a crucial factor for this discussion. First, everything must be done overseas. Which means you are able to use either a ship or a plane. Or combine them. To make a perfect combination of comfort and the affordability, we suggest you get in touch with top experts for all sorts of logistics during the international moves: They have the experience to recognize the problems in advance. The know-how to calculate the most affordable solution for your particular international relocation. And also the equipment to provide all sorts of services with the maximum of quality and efficiency.

Besides picking the proper moving company, there are a few more things you could do in advance, and not directly connected to the very relocation. You should prepare properly for such a demanding process as moving overseas. In accordance with this, before relocating internationally here’s what you should do to prepare properly:

  • Think about the cultural differences- It’s recommended to travel first, before international relocation.
  • Do the paperwork preparations- What do you need to work and live in a foreign country?
  • Prepare for adjusting to the country you moved to- Give yourself time to settle down after you relocate.

Do you really want to move to a foreign country you chose?

It is the best that you visit that country like a tourist first. Travel there and check how good you actually feel in that surrounding. If you move there, that will be your natural environment. Don’t do anything you’ll regret. An international relocation is a very expensive venture. Taking a lot of time and money. Besides this, it takes, probably, renouncing your job, your friends, and whole your life as you knew it. Hence, making sure your desire to move is justified. Do it prior to making any move toward the international migration. Or it could be an investment that you could throw away after you realize you made a wrong decision.

What do you need to swimmingly live and work as a newcomer?

What do you need to be granted a work permit?
Are there special requirements for a work permit?

After you make sure you truly desire to relocate to an Asian country, such as Japan, prepare to put a serious effort into finding out all the requirements you must fulfill before being able to actually relocate, and be able to apply for a job there. We suggest you contact the embassy of the foreign country or the moving professionals you intend to hire. Given that moving pros who specialize in international relocations tend to know these things for probably all countries in the world.

Or at least those where people from your country commonly relocate to. If you can’t get the information that way, make sure you find out where to search for. Official website of that country government probably has some information about the expats coming there. Pay it a visit and check. If you can’#t find it, there is probably some contact email you can use to ask such a question.

Besides this, there are agencies offering their services to collect all the paperwork for you. But it takes money. If you want to save money, which we certainly suggest, given that you might need a serious amount of money right after you relocate, try to Google it out yourself.

Here are the most common things you should pay attention to when it comes to the paperwork for international relocation:

  • Passports and visas- find out if you need a visa for the foreign country you are moving to
  • Special permits for work- Many countries have special requirements for different expats planning to relocate there
  • Different additional paperwork- Such as:
    • Birth certificates for all the members of your family
    • Marriage certificate
    • Driver’s license
    • Medical records
    • Property insurance and motor vehicle insurance policies
    • etc.

The requirements, as we said, vary from country to country. Get to know all about it prior to preparations for your international moving day.

Be prepared to undergo a crisis after international relocation

You'll probably have an emotional crisis after moving abroad, give yourself time to overcome it
Give yourself time to overcome the crisis after moving abroad

If making a move between two completely different cultures, such as moving from the USA to Japan, get ready for taking a few hits by nostalgy, emotional and all other sorts of crisis. Because, as much as you think you are set to change your habits, you will have troubles to feel like home immediately after the overseas relocation. This is something almost all people conducting international migration experienced. And, because of that, we suggest you don’t give up after only a few weeks or months. At the beginning, we said you should make sure you really want to relocate. Therefore, if you made such a decision, you probably had many reasons. And you invested a lot in it. Don’t throw everything away just because of few tears or feeling lonely.

You’ll get to know new friends. There are certainly many things you like about the place overseas, in Japan, you chose to move to from the US. Therefore, give it all a chance. Don’t jump to any conclusion. As we suggested you should carefully check if it is what you want, we also invite you to take some time to settle down after moving abroad. After all, if the things are not going in the right direction even after several months, or a year, you always have where to go back. There are friends and family to help you. Either you’ll make the things work, or you’ll find a way to get back. But the most important thing before every big decision is to give yourself time to make the right one!

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