Items movers will not move internationally

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Performing any move is stressful, and the preparation can take a lot of your time. Everything becomes amplified if you have to move internationally. International relocation is the hardest to execute out of any move. To save you time, we here at Relocation Database can assist you. Find out about items movers will not move internationally.

Items movers will not move internationally – plants 

One of the items movers will not move overseas is your house plants. There are two reasons why movers will not do it. 

  • The first reason is logistic wise. Plants are hard to relocate because they can perish easily, and they are hard to move because they are in pots. If you put a plant in a dark space and transport it internationally, without light or water, it will wilt. 
  • The second reason is more complicated. Some plants can not enter the new country you are moving to because they might bring unknown bugs or parasites that can harm the environment. To make sure your plants can cross the border, contact the embassy of the country you are moving to. 

Family heirlooms 

To stay organized during a move, you have to know what items your international movers will not move. The second item on the list is family heirlooms. While you should not get attached to things, family heirlooms are the one exception. Your grandmother’s jewelry or grandfather’s watch can be some of the dearest possessions you have, and they come with a lot of history behind them. Because family heirlooms are usually very precious to customers, international movers will refuse to transport them. Because if they lose them, they are irreplaceable to the client. If you are moving overseas, bring your family heirlooms with you. 

different kinds of colorful jewelry
One of the items movers will not move internationally is family heirloom because they are irreplaceable.

Clean out your fridge or freezer 

No matter the reasons for your move, you should eat or give away all of your food. Food is one of the items movers will not move internationally because they can get ruined quickly. There are no ways your food will survive the overseas trip. If your movers pack your food, they will only get a bug infestation and bad smells in their truck. There is an option for your food to survive the international trip, but it involves paying for a logistic service. However, we do not believe that paying for a logistic service is justified just so your groceries can survive. 

Items movers will not move internationally – personal documents 

And the final thing your relocation experts will not move overseas is personal documents. These documents include. 

  • ID
  • Passport
  • Social security 
  • Insurance documents
  • Investment documents 

You should organize all of your documents in a folder and bring them with you. 

a person holding white paper
Pack your important documents in a file folder.

All set  

These are some of the items movers will not move internationally. To know precisely what your movers will not transport, contact them directly. Good luck with your relocation!



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