Kuwait cities that will take your breath away

Kuwait City skyline

Kuwait has been becoming more popular over the last decade. Many people want to visit and even move to many different places in this beautiful country. But what are the best ones? We asked our experts from Relocation Database to help us compile a list. These are the Kuwait cities that will take your breath away!

The best Kuwait cities

The most popular cities in Kuwait are:

  • Kuwait City
  • Salwa
  • Salmiya

Now, we will go over these cities one by one, and keep in mind that these are listed in no particular order!

Kuwait City

A small city is renowned not only as one of Kuwait’s largest cities but also as a city-state. Kuwait City is endowed with a stunning shoreline, a multitude of top-notch restaurants, and some very stunning architecture. Many people that decide to move to Kuwait, choose Kuwait City as their new home.

There are many great options both in the job market and the real estate market. If you move to Kuwait City and have things that you have nowhere to put, there are storage companies that can provide a unit for your items. That can be very helpful if you decide to stay in your current apartment for a shorter period of time. 

Aerial view of Kuwait City
Kuwait City is one of the most popular Kuwait cities


Salwa joins our list of places to visit in Kuwait since it is one of the most important cities in the Middle Eastern country. The location is wedged between Rumaithiya and Messila in terms of geography. Despite the fact that it is part of the Hawalli governorate, it is worth noting individually. It is another cosmopolitan hotspot that is home to a diverse range of ethnicities!

It provides excellent shopping possibilities for tourists, with various retail malls. When moving to Salwa, you should pay close attention while packing. There are many things that you should leave behind when moving to Kuwait. Those things range from winter clothes to things that are potentially illegal to bring to Kuwait.


Salmiya is a shopping paradise for shopaholics, with a plethora of malls and arcades. If you’re searching for gifts for friends, there are lots of possibilities, ranging from Kuwaiti delicacies to handcrafted decorations, and traditional teapots to sheep wool carpets. Kuwait has several attractions, including Al Fozan, a remarkable pyramid-shaped mosque, and the Middle East’s largest aquarium.

Many families decide to move to Salmiya when moving to one of Kuwait cities. There are many great moving companies like easymovekw.com that do business in the area. Having professionals by your side during the move can be very helpful, especially if you are moving from abroad. 

Aerial view of Al Shaheed Park
Salmiya is a great place for people who love shopping!

In conclusion

There are many great cities in Kuwait, but these 3 were our favorites. If you find any other city that you prefer over these 3, you should definitely go with it! If you decide to move to any of the Kuwait cities you should visit it first to get a feel of the area. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us and we will happily help!

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