Leap of fate: Should I relocate?

People generally don’t like change. They fear it, they protest it and the fight against it. That is quite absurd having in mind that change is the only constant in nature. But, man is a creature of habit and anything that disrupts its natural rhythm is something he is opposed to. One of the biggest changes one person can face is relocation. That is why it comes as a no surprise that many people have doubts about relocation. Many of them question if that is the right decision for them, and make pros and cons list. Should you relocate? Well, we do not know that, but we can, without a doubt help you decide. We will provide you with questions, and the answers will drive you further. Enjoy the ride.

Should I relocate to be with my partner?

We decided to break the ice with a tough one. Let’s first clear the air and explain that we are not here to sway in any direction, only to help you decide whether you should relocate. If your decision to move is solemnly so you can be with your partner, we applaud that decision. However, as romantic as the gesture might be there are some issues you should resolve first, with your partner and with yourself. When you have solutions to problems that might occur that you can be more equipped to make such an important decision. First, think about how your life would be once you are living with your partner. Are your doubts about relocation, or are the doubts about living with them? Before you pack your bags make sure that you and your partner have figured out how to share responsibilities around the house, incomes, and expenses, as well as property you will be occupying. Another question regarding moving is how will your life look like over there. Are there enough job opportunities? Do you already have some friends or family there? Are you moving to a neighborhood very different than your own? If you are comfortable with answers you are one step further to that life changing decision. Love, undoubtedly, is a significant factor in this decision, but that is an advice no one can give, so we didn’t bother trying.

Should I relocate for work?

If you are faced with this type of decision then you must factor a lot of things, but it isn’t much different than the previous question. Firstly, you should have in mind when relocating for work is if that change is going to advance your career. That advancement can come in a lot of different ways – money, benefits, title, responsibilities. But there should be something if you are willing to take this important step. Also, it isn’t the same if you are staying in the same company or switching. If you are only changing your address and not your employer, you still have some comfort zone to fall back onto. But if that is not the case, you are in for a treat! Another thing to discuss with your future employer is whether they would be willing to cover the expenses of the relocation. Although this isn’t something guaranteed it does help to sway the employee in the desired direction. In addition to the perks, your employer will offer, make sure that the city you are relocating into is suitable for you. You can’t decide whether to move only taking into consideration one factor. Another thing you need to have in mind is your family and how will this decision affect them. Regardless if you have just now thought about your parents, your spouse or your kids, they all need to have a say in this, because it will affect them as well. You can’t decide whether you should relocate all by yourself when there are people close to you whose life will be impacted by your decision. Especially if you expect from them to come with you.

Should I move out of the family home?

There are few milestones each person comes across throughout their life, and leaving family home is one of it. You could be faced with this decision upon going to college or many years before or after that, but it should never be taken lightly.  Deciding to move out of your family home usually raises the question of financial stability. Are you able to support yourself? Are you leaving because you must or because you want to? Will you be moving far away? If your primary goal is education that this decision is easy to take, but if you are not able to provide for yourself, and you are lacking freedom and independence that you are in for an ugly surprise. Chances are that you will move back home in no time. Before you choose to move out of the house, make sure that you are completely equipped and capable, for your own and for your parents’ benefit.

Should I move back home?

Sometimes people’s lives take an unexpected turn and they are faced with choices they weren’t supposed to made, or at least that is what they thought. One of the unexpected choices to be made is the decision to move back home. People usually associate this with a regression of some sort, failure to succeed in the big city, but that isn’t always the case. Each situation is different, and you should not measure yourself by other people’s opinion. Any person faced with this choice should look at it as an opportunity much rather than an obstacle and try to take advantage of the situation to the fullest. You never know, the decision to move back home might be the best one you ever take.

Choosing to relocate, or sometimes choosing not to is most certainly a very big step to take. If you do that you will find many helpful articles on this blog to guide you through your journey. And if you choose not to relocate after all, we will be here waiting, when the opportunity arises again.


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