List of the most affordable Florida cities

Loading a moving truck before moving to one of the affordable Florida cities

Choosing one of the Florida cities where you can relocate is going to be a tough call. Florida is truly an amazing state and it can be perfect for both young adults looking for a great job opportunity and seniors looking for a perfect place to retire. This state has everything. If you are looking for a big city hassle go to Miami. If you are looking for a suburban feel where you can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet check out Boyton Beach. As you can see they have anything you can ask for. But choosing can be hard. We will be checking out one criterium today – prices. So, we will talk about more affordable cities in Florida. Maybe you will find the perfect one here amongst the ones on the list.

Affordable Florida cities

Florida is overall one of the more reasonable states when it comes to prices. Both housing or groceries. But of course, housing prices vary a lot from the city to the city where you are looking. Miami is becoming more and more expansive – the median sales price for a house grew to $515,000 this year. So this city won’t be on our affordable list.

Don’t worry, there will be plenty of amazing cities like Tampa, Orlando, Cape Coral, Jacksonville, and Fort Myers. Those cities have the most affordable housing. But you can find even cheaper housing if you want to move to a more rural area. They are a bit rough around the edges but housing is very affordable and surely there will be a lot of movers from that can relocate you there in no time.

Tampa is one of the affordable Florida cities

If you are looking at Hillsborough County then Tampa is the best place to live there. Good news for people moving here with kids – schools there are above average. That can be an important factor for people with kids. When it comes to prices housing is 23% lower than the national average but on the other hand, the utility prices are 16% higher than the national average. That is still pretty good. If you hire a real estate agent or agency they might be able to find you a very affordable house that you can raise your family in.

Tampa - one of the affordable Florida cities
Tampa is both a beautiful and affordable city so check it out.

Orlando is also on our affordable list

In case you are looking at Orange County then Orlando might be a great choice for you. When we talk about prices in Orlando housing prices are 11% lower than the national average but utility prices are about  10% higher than the national average. Transportation expenses like bus fares and gas prices are 6% lower than the national average which is great news if you own a car. And yet grocery prices are 2% higher than the national average which is not so bad. So you have the basic information about prices here so you can be the judge. Is this an affordable city? If you are just looking to visit this city then make sure to do it in March or May – it’s the best time of the year for this town and everything looks so beautiful.

Cape Coral

This city is located between Tampa and Miami. It’s known as one of the most affordable Florida cities. Everything is much lower than the national average so you can enjoy in a great big house at an affordable cost. That sounds great, right? But beware just like in many Florida cities it is a possibility to run into alligators. Fun fact – even though this is pretty affordable or should we say cheap city to live there is plenty of millionaires living in Cape Coral. Coincidence?

Jacksonville is another affordable city you should check out

This is the most populous city in Florida so it might not be to everyone’s taste. There are a lot of people looking to avoid overcrowdedness, yet there are some who love that hassle. If you compare this city to other equally big cities you will find that Jacksonville is the most affordable big city. Their residents enjoy low costs of living. Another plus is great beaches and amazing weather so this might be the perfect place for the younger crowd. But you have plenty to choose from when it comes to retirement homes.

Living on the beach can be a dream come true for some. If that’s the case for you – this is the place for you.

Fort Myers

The last city on our affordable Florida cities list is Fort Myers. This is the best city in the Southwest Florida region. Also, it’s a major tourist attraction. This city also has amazing beaches and they are globally known as a fishing attraction. When it comes to overall prices this city is a bit cheaper than the national average – by 4%. The median home cost is $208,700.

Moving to one of affordable Florida cities

Choosing the right city for you and your family won’t be easy. But you should make this decision together. That way everybody will be happy. When you do choose where you want to live and find the right house for the next step will be relocation, of course. When the time comes, find experts to help you out because relocations are hard and stressful and there is a way to avoid all that – by hiring professional movers.

Now is the time to pack your bags, or let others do that for you.

Movers can help you

Movers can help you with many aspects of your relocation. Not just with getting you from point A to point B. Most of them offer a variety of additional services like packing for example, so someone can do that part of the job for you and you can rest assured your household items are safe and sound. So check out the website we mentioned above and find the right movers that can help you out with this difficult process. Good luck!

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