Looking for a big yard home in New Hampshire: places to check out

A big yard home in New Hampshire.

Living an American dream includes having a house with a big yard full of colorful flowers. If you want to live in NH, know where to move. Big yard home in New Hampshire, nice house, enough space for kids to play, maybe a dog too. The good news is that NH has potential cities for you. It is not the biggest state in the USA, but the options are almost endless. Explore NH and look for the best place for you and your family.

What should you know about NH real estate market?

The median sale price is around $375,000 but every year prices are higher. The market is “hot” and homes are staying on market for about 50 days. Which is not a long period. NH has plenty of places to raise a family, also many young professionals are living here as well as seniors.

A family.
A big yard home in New Hampshire is a great option when you have kids. They need a place to play

How to choose a perfect house for you in NH?

Besides a big yard, what to look for in a house? How to choose the right one?

  • Set a moving budget. Know what you can afford and keep in mind that home prices are different in different cities.
  • What are your priorities except for a big yard? How many bedrooms do you want? Do you want an open floor, how many bathrooms, etc?
  • Hire a professional to inspect a house. He/she will check the roof, walls, electricity, plumbing, everything you cannot.
  • Don’t overestimate the potential of renovating. You can renovate your home in New Hampshire, inside and out as well.
  • Think long-term if you are buying a house because it is a big responsibility and it is not cheap to purchase a home in New Hampshire.
  • Check the neighborhood and talk to locals. They know the area the best. You can also study other homes in the neighborhood.

Places that have a big yard home in New Hampshire

Where to find homes with big yards in NH? If you have never been to this state, you need to do research. But, it is a fun part of the moving process. Here are some places you may consider as your future home. A place where you can raise your kids and enjoy. Get your big yard home in New Hampshire!


The median home price here is $326,000 and it is louder than Brookline. That is why young professionals choose to live here. The nightlife is good and there is always something to do. For moving here, experts can always assist you and you will move in stress-free. Research movers from this area and transport all your furniture and other belongings safely and fast.

if you saved enough money, find a place where to buy a house


The most affordable place on this list – Merrimack with an average home price of $284,000. It is safe, diverse, and it has a lot of parks. For moving to Merrimack, NH you will need to find a home where you want to live and then organize a relocation there.


Brookline is a suburb of Manchester that offers residents a rural feel. If you want to live in a quiet area, Brookline is one of the places to consider. Most residents own their homes, 94% of the population. The median home value is $330,000. It is a good place for families with kids because it is safe and affordable. If you want to buy a house, explore Brookline real estate market and see what this place has to offer you.


If you want to live near Manchester but still, you want a big yard home in New Hampshire – Bedford is a place to look for. It is not that small suburb. The population is almost 23,000 and 86% of them are homeowners which is a good sign. Bedford is a beautiful and charming suburb where many families with kids live. You can settle in with specialists’ help you only need to spend some time researching local movers from Bedford. 


Being close to Boston, MA is beneficial. It is a big city, but living there won’t give you a big yard home. The compromise is to live in Windham, for example. You only have around 40 minutes to Boston by car. For families with kids and pets, this place in New Hampshire can be one of the options to choose from. If you want to start a family in the USA, definitely put Windham on your list.

Move your items to a new home with ease

After finding a house, it is time to move there. Now you can decorate and personalize your brand new home with a big yard. But, before you throw a housewarming house in your big backyard, you first need to move in. What is the safest way to transport all your items from your old home to a new house in New Hampshire? According to My Brooks Moving NH, local moving experts, hiring a reliable and reputable moving company is the best option you can choose.

A lawn mower.
You will need gardening equipment and supplies to maintain your big yard

Verify your chosen movers

Before signing a contract for moving, verify the company’s information. Do not hire a company that has no license and insurance. To move a house hassle-free, ask for help. Look on the internet and also, ask for recommendations.

Make your backyard more beautiful

Now when you have a big yard home in New Hampshire, enjoy it. Put some furniture, add flowers, a fountain, bbq, toys for kids, maybe a pool during the summer months. Nothing is more beautiful than having a big yard where you can relax after a long day at work or drink your first, morning coffee. Organize a party and invite your friends and new neighbors. Or course, there is always an option to hire a professional exterior designer. He or she will make a paradise from a yard.

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