Maryland moving guide for beginners

A view of Baltimore, one of the cities in Marlyand you can choose after studying Maryland moving guide for beginners.

Are you planning on moving to Maryland? Well, that is great news! This state really does have a lot to offer. Let us just say that it has one of the fastest-growing job markets in the country, education and health systems are top-notch and when compared to other US countries, it is quite affordable. So, whether you plan on moving to Maryland alone or with children, for a job or for school, you will be fine. Just make sure to start with moving preparations ahead of time if you want to have a stress-free relocation to this small, but a great state. Thus, without further ado, here is our Maryland moving guide for beginners. Hopefully, you will find some beneficial tips and tricks for your upcoming move.

About Maryland

As previously mentioned, this state is small, but more than great. It is very close to Washington D.C. and has a perfect location for those who plan to commute to the capital. And, maybe one of its biggest benefits is that it has almost all of the amenities that every metropolitan city has to offer, but does not come with hefty price tags. Yes, the first thing that any ‘Maryland moving guide’ will tell you is that housing is affordable. That applies to both houses and apartments. Moreover, Maryland is great for those who love nature and enjoy everything about it. And, when it comes to entertainment, there is something for everybody. You can choose between going to cinemas and theatres, eating great cuisine in some of the best restaurants, and partying till morning in pubs and clubs. So, if you like what you hear, call Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland and they will help you relocate in no time.

A street in Annapolis.
Annapolis, the capital of Maryland.

Maryland Housing Market

Experts believe that Maryland’s housing market will slow down in the last half of 2019 and the following 2020. This means that now, according to our Maryland moving guide, is the perfect time to move to Maryland. Or even to invest in a property there. Last year, in 2018, the median home value was $336,866. And, today, it is approximately $291,000. As you can see, the prices are dropping. So, check listings online or call a local realtor to help you find your dream home in no time, and for the best possible price, and then, all that is left is to pack for the move. The possibilities are endless. Of course, in bigger cities like Annapolis or Baltimore, you will have more apartments to choose from. But in smaller cities, where people enjoy close-knit communities and small-town living, you can find a house on any shape and size.

The city of Baltimore.
Whether you prefer living in urban cities or rural areas, this Maryland moving guide gots you covered.

Where to Live in Maryland – What Does the Maryland Moving Guide Say?

Maryland is one of the smallest states, it is in ninth place to be exact. But, that does not mean that it lacks any amenities that those bigger states have. So, if you want to follow our Maryland moving guide and find your place to live accordingly, here is a list of some of the best cities there:

  • Columbia – this city was ranked as the fourth-best place to live in and raise a family in the US. Moreover, some of the best-educated people work here and they send their children to premium schools. You will also not have to worry about the crime, as there is not any.
  • North Potomac – is said to be the most affluent city in the US. Unfortunately, the cost of living is high, when compared with Columbia. But, with a good reason too! Both the crime rate and unemployment rate are close to zero and the school systems are more than amazing.
  • Bethesda – is a posh community, located very close to Washington DC. Ant, this Maryland moving guide does not have any bad words for this place either. It has great schools, both public and private, great health institutions, zero crime rate, and low unemployment rate.

Before You Move – Find a Realtor And a Moving Agent

In the previous paragraph, we talked about just three communities that many people love and enjoy. But the truth is, Maryland, even though a small state, has dozens and dozens of great communities. There are those for young adults, for professionals, for those with growing families, and for those retiring. Yes, you will be able to find a home for you in Maryland alone, but, you will not be able to find a dream one. So, do not try to cut corners and talk to a local realtor. The agent will help you find a perfect home that suits both your needs and your budget. 

Moreover, do not forget to get help from moving professionals. These trained and experienced people will help you relocate all of your belongings in time. You will not have to worry about gathering packing materials, packing and unpacking, loading the truck and all that heavy lifting. With their help, you can even keep your belongings in a safe Baltimore unit, if you have not found your dream home just yet.

Two people shaking hands.
Having a proper realtor and a moving agent can be a lifesaver!

What To Do In Maryland For Fun

And the last thing this Maryland moving guide can help you with is where and how to spend the rest of your free days here. Of course, there are tons of activities for people of all walks of life in all the Maryland’s communities, but we will mention just a few:

  • Visit some of the lakes and enjoy Kayaking, paddle boarding and tubing.
  • Go to the Terrapin Adventures or Sandy Spring’s Adventure park and try their famous zip lines.
  • Visit some of the amusement parks (Six Flags America, Adventure Park USA)
  • Explore the great outdoors and enjoy hiking, mountain climbing, visiting gardens, walking by the river, etc.

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