Most senior-friendly cities in Orange County, CA

senior-friendly cities in Orange County

Being a senior means that you have lots of time on your hands to do things you love doing. But sometimes living in the wrong place can make this less enjoyable. For example, if you are living in a big city it can be a real challenge to find a peaceful park where you can sit and read a book in quiet and enjoy a nice day. This is why a lot of seniors are moving to smaller towns, ones that are more peaceful and quiet. And a lot of these are to be found in Orange County. This is a beautiful coastal part of California and it is very popular among seniors. Even the young are moving to Orange County because of how amazing living there is. It is located very close to the city of Los Angeles which is one of the main reasons for young people to move here. This article talks about the most senior-friendly cities in Orange County in case you are thinking of moving somewhere now that you are retired. There are plenty of perks of moving here as a senior. So, we decided to tell you some things about some of the best places to consider moving to.

Newport Beach

As already said, there are plenty of amazing senior-friendly cities in Orange County. But we cannot tell you all about all of them. We had to make a very fine selection. And the first city to find itself on our list is Newport Beach. Having a senior move to Newport Beach is great for plenty of reasons.

Sunset on the beach.
Moving to a coastal town as a senior is an amazing idea.

This is a coastal town which is what makes it very popular among seniors. For a lot of elderly people, moving to California means moving to a city on the coast. Living by the ocean is one of the best things when you have time on your hands and you just want to spend your days enjoying it. And for a lot of people, living by the coast has been a life-long dream. If yours is too, we believe that moving to Newport Beach as a senior is a good idea.

Newport Beach is not only amazing because it is located on the coast. It has plenty of other qualities. For example, there are a lot of amazing neighborhoods here. Most of which are very peaceful and quiet as here is where mostly the elderly and parents with children live. The housing is great but not so affordable which is why a lot of people rent homes. You can too, for some time, until you figure out which part of Newport beach suits your needs, and then you can find people who can help you relocate to that part of the town.

Lake Forest

If you do not prefer living by the beach, you can always relocate to a town further away from it. And one of the best ones to consider which we believe is one of the most senior-friendly cities in Orange County is Lake Forest. The name of the city tells you a lot about it. There are a lot of lakes and forests nearby. This indicated that the nature here is very beautiful and that the environment is very healthy and clean. And it really is like so. This certainly is one of the nicest places you can move to as a senior.

Lake Forest
As a senior, you should find living in a healthy and clean environment very important. That is exactly what Lake Forest can provide you with.

The city is very small. Not small as in there is nothing to do and you have to travel to another town to buy groceries small. It is, what we believe, the perfect size for a city where seniors live. And by this, we mean you can easily reach any part of Lake Forest without a car which is a big plus. The best thing about it is that there is everything you need in Lake Forest. Lots of parks, beautiful streets, houses, welcoming people, a very close community too. This is certainly where you can settle in without any trouble with the right assistance.


The third one out of just some of the most senior-friendly Orange County cities we have to tell you more about is Anaheim. Anaheim is popular among young people too. This is where Disneyland Park is located which is what attracts lots of them. There are plenty of parents with children who decide to move here as this is a really safe town too and Family Affair Moving can help you relocate there without any issues no matter where you are moving from.

Disneyland Park.
The fact that this is where a lot of young people come throughout the entire year sounds appealing to some seniors.

As we know that there are plenty of seniors thinking about starting a business after moving to the right place, we have done the research and found that Anaheim is one of the best cities for just that. As this is where a lot of people come throughout the entire year because of the world-famous park this means that Anaheim is generally very busy with tourists.

And tourists love spending money. Especially when they are with small children. So, we believe that the easiest way to have a successful business is to start it in the right place. And Anaheim could be that. But it is not the last place you need to know about. Orange County has some more amazing cities. So, here are some other options to consider when choosing a new place to move to after you retire:

That would pretty much be everything you need to know about senior-friendly cities in Orange County. Good luck with your relocation!

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