How to move heavy items that are hard to handle?

Learn how to move heavy items, such as the piano on the picture

Moving is definitely one of the biggest projects you can have in your life. It is everything but easy. Not to mention that you will need a lot of time and money to cover everything and ensure a smooth relocation. The truth is that you will face many challenges during this big undertaking. But, one of the biggest is definitely packing organization. And it doesn’t matter if you are moving your house or an office, this is something you must plan in advance. In order to help you with this task, we will share some very useful tips and trick on how to move heavy items. If you do not do this properly, you are risking some serious injuries and damages to your belongings. Therefore, make sure you follow these tips in order to avoid any potential problem.

Make a packing plan

One of the most important things for any project is to make a good and watertight plan. Therefore, you need to make a moving plan that will cover each and every aspect of your upcoming relocation. Important to realize is that it will have some smaller parts such as packing plan and plan for the moving day. Speaking about the packing plan, there are some things that it must have, such as:

  • Room-by-room inventory list
  • List of necessary packing supplies and protective items
  • Checklist with all packing and unpacking activities

Even though you might think that making this piece of paper is a waste of time, you must know that it will be your best ally once you start with moving preparation. It is very easy to forget some things in all that mess, and such a thing could cost you a lot. Therefore, schedule some free time to make an inventory list and plan your packing in advance.

A woman writing a plan
Make sure you create a good plan

Get necessary supplies

Before we continue with tips on how to move heavy items, you need to realize that you’ll need proper tools for that task. Therefore, you will need to visit your local hardware store in order to get such items. Besides common packing supplies such as air bubble packing, boxes, and labels, you will need some equipment for handling heavy items. Not only that these will ease the moving, but they will prevent some injuries as well.

There is one rule when it comes to handling heavy items – if you can put it on wheels, do it. Therefore, make sure you have some of these before you start packing your things:

  • Skates
  • Roller Skids
  • Toe Jacks
  • Hand Truck Dollies

Additionally, you will need to think about your safety and health. Keep in mind that if you injure yourself, you’ll need to postpone the whole moving project. And if you are on a tight schedule, it is something you can’t risk with. Therefore get some lifting strips and elastic slings in order to easily move heavy items. You can get some safety harness kits as well, which will come handy, especially if you are about to work at heights.

house blueprint
Make a clear path for moving big objects

Tips on how to move heavy items

The first thing you need to know about how to move heavy items is that you need a clear path. Therefore, you need to make a clear route through your house or an office that you will use for this purpose. Keep in mind that you need to measure your biggest object and ensure it can easily go through the whole route. It would be a smart move to move that object first as well, as it will take the most time. After that, you can check your inventory list and go with the next biggest object left. You have the most energy at the start, hence use it to move the heaviest thing.

Weight plates
Always disassemble heavy items before moving

Make sure you disassemble whatever you can. This way you will be able to move it easier than if you were to try to handle the whole thing at once. Therefore, if you are moving gym equipment, make sure you remove dumbbells, barbells, and weight plates and move them separately. Same applies to your furniture and other separable items. Remember that you need to save your energy and think about your health, hence do not be a hero. Always go one by one.

Consider hiring professionals

In case you are not a hundred percent sure that you can do this, you should hire professionals. There is no doubt that you will need the process of transferring piano made easy, or a pool table, or really any other big and bulky item, and the professionals are the only ones that can do it. And that service will definitely cost less than repairing or even buying a new piano, as you could easily break it during the move. Now, important to realize is that not every moving company is good, hence you will need to make some research in order to find the most suitable one.

If you are moving to Texas, make sure you identify some of the reliable local movers, such as Evolution Moving Company NB. This is the best way to ensure a safe and smooth relocation. Not only that you will not need to wrack your brain on how to move heavy items, but you will be able to dedicate your time to other moving activities.

Now you can start planning the packing as the first step of your upcoming relocation. With these easy packing tips, you will be able to pack everything in no time. But, most importantly, you now know how to move heavy items that are hard to handle. This is particularly important as you can injure yourself pretty badly if you do not cover this properly. And the last thing you need prior to the moving day is to end up in an emergency room. Additionally, you will be able to pack everything without risking scratches or damages on your precious belongings. If you are moving a piano or some pieces of antique furniture, you wouldn’t want to pay for the restoration. In all honesty, moving is already expensive enough without these additional expenses. So, make a plan, get all necessary supplies and protective items, and start packing your belongings.

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