Moving from Canada to Borneo: tips and hints

Image of the Indonesian beach

Borneo is a land of gorillas, pristine beaches, and the largest remaining virgin rainforests. However, it has some very modern towns, so don’t expect any jungle lifestyle. Whether you prefer the multicultural lifestyle or the great outdoors, you’ll be impressed by the exceptional culture of this part of the world, after moving from Canada to Borneo.

Meet Borneo

Borneo itself is an eclectic mix of neo-classical British forts, galleries, and government constructions, Asian-style temples, shop-houses, and distinctive Borneo arts and crafts. One of the many things that make moving from Canada to Borneo so great is its high standard of health care. Hospitals are well-equipped and modern. On top of it – most medical personnel speaks English – all physicians practicing medicine here have received their education abroad. In addition, health care costs are very low –  compared to Canada.

When it comes to the crime –  very little occurs in Borneo. The risk of being a victim of a violent crime after relocating to this part of the world is very unlikely. Acts of terrorism are almost imaginary – Malaysia is in the top 20 safest countries in the world. Most of the expats are working for large multinational companies, in oil, lumber, tourism and palm industries after their relocating from Canada.

Image of a man sitting and looking at a wildlife.
Don’t expect to live in a jungle after moving from Canada to Borneo, but you can do that too!

If moving from Canada to Borneo and living in the heart of “the jungle” makes you feel great, you’ll find that Borneo will exceed your expectations. Outdoors fans will enjoy beaches, jungles, supreme wildlife, and the opportunities for golfing and hiking in the mountains. Those who prefer city life will be inspired by abundant shopping, museum hopping, and culinary opportunities.

How to prepare for moving from Canada to Borneo?

Save time when moving by making a good plan. Organize everything few months in advance, and avoid stressful situations that may cost you time and money. Set a schedule and try your best to stick to it. Explore all available options, research neighborhoods and prepare all documentation that may be needed when moving from Canada to Borneo.

Immigration to Borneo

The citizens of Canada are eligible to purchase visas on arrival, but the visa on arrival is non-extendable and cannot be converted into another class of visa. It is best if you obtain your visa at your nearest Indonesian Embassy or Consulate before traveling if you are wishing to move from Canada to Borneo. Come prepared and avoid any unpleasant situations. Collect all the paperwork you may need, such as a financial report, background check and credit history.

Image of the Borneo wildlife
The largest remaining virgin rain-forests and extraordinary wildlife can be good reasons for moving to Borneo from Canada!

Buy or rent a new home

Sit down, research and set your main criteria. Find an agent that will help you with your search for a perfect home. Once you have found your new space – start the process! You will need to get your checkbook (or lender), negotiate for a while, and finally purchase the house of your dreams before moving from Canada to Borneo.

If you are thinking about renting, after moving from Canada to Borneo – make sure to inspect your rental! Be very persistent in your search for the faults. Check everything before signing the lease. Make sure everything is in a good condition. Also, rent from a property manager or real estate company. If you rent from a private owner and something goes wrong, there is no one to protect you. Signing a legal lease will provide you with much more security when moving from Canada to Borneo.

Find a reliable moving company when relocating to Borneo from Canada

You may come to a temptation to save money by moving by yourself, but moving from Canada to Borneo isn’t an easy task. Also, you don’t want to lose or damage something; a company with experience will make sure to take care of your belongings, and that will save you some time and money. When it comes to moving companies, go with the best of the best, and relax. Look for movers in Toronto. Make sure they have a good reputation before you hire any moving company. Do your research, find out what the quotes are, find out all about additional fees, insurances, and packing services.

Cancel services and memberships

If you cancel at a late notice it might cost you few extra dollars. So make sure to do everything in time, before relocating to Borneo. For example, cancel your gym or library memberships. Cancel phone and internet services, and notify your vendors that you are moving from Canada to Borneo. Don’t forget to change your billing address. Save yourself from any additional stress.

It is also a good idea to get internet (or any other services) up and running in your new home at least a few days before your arrival.

Make lots of lists if you plan on moving from Canada to Borneo with ease

When you start packing, leave out stuff that you might need when the moving day comes. This bag should contain all the things that will come in handy. Those can include a toothbrush, hairbrush, deodorant, extra clothes, etc… Pack your laptop and phone chargers.

Image of the kayak floating on the water.
After relocating to Borneo, you can spend your days at the beach, but first, make sure to plan everything in an advance

Clear out the clutter

Get rid of all the things that you don’t really use or need anymore. You can give some of your things to your friends, sell online, donate, organize a yard sale or recycle. No matter what you do, don’t over pack – you will end up throwing away these items anyway after moving from Canada to Borneo.

Get packing supplies

If you are not using Toronto moving services, you will have to pack by yourself. This is the things that you must obtain when relocating to Borneo:

  • Boxes – different sizes and shapes.
  • Tape – don’t use a regular one, get packing tape.
  • Packing peanuts – it is used to provide additional security with fragile items.
  • Foam – it is a great way to protect glass, mirrors, artwork, furniture, and appliances when moving from Canada to Borneo – it is a long trip.

Pack in sections; Start with items that you don’t use as much, and gradually finish with items that you use every day. It will be so much easier for you to unpack after moving from Canada to Borneo if you label the boxes properly. Moreover, with affordable movers, you can save some money which will be really good for your budget.

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