Moving day essentials

Handbag with personal belongings

So many things you need to prepare when you are moving. Before and after moving day brings you so much work and it is usually stressful for anybody. This is why you need to know what are the moving day essentials and how not to forget to pack anything. When you are well supplied, it will surely be less stress during that day, at least.

Plan your move

The first thing that you will be doing when you decide to move is to plan everything you think off. First, you have to decide will you hire a moving company or you will move. When you are moving alone make sure that when you set a date for a moving day, you are able to get enough help. Ask your friends or family members in advance to help you pack, load and transport your belongings. Moving requires a lot of work so do not think that you can do everything alone. You have to ask them in advance so they leave free time for your moving day.


Man looking plans
Planning a moving day is half of the work done.

Make a few lists such as inventory list, task list and similar. This way you won’t forget anything important and as soon as you finish a task you can check it off the list. It is an excellent way to avoid common moving mistakes that usually happen when you forget something.

Before moving day

If you have started to plan a few weeks or months, it is actually a great thing, because you will have enough time for everything and you will feel less stressful. As soon as you start to plan your relocation, you can start to prepare packing supplies. You have to save time when you are moving. This is everything you might need to pack for a moving day. The most important so moving day goes smoothly is to have everything already prepared. You won’t lose any time to go to a store for additional items.

Prepare moving boxes, tapes, labels, old towels and rags, bubble wrap, scissors, pocketknife, and other tools. When you feel that you are well prepared you will be less stressful and you won’t feel as much moving anxiety you ordinarily would.

Moving day essentials

Moving day essentials are different for different kind of people. However, some things are the same and essential for almost everybody. First, you need to pack a bag or suitcase for the moving day. This will be with you during a move. This way you will have everything you need at any time. Also, you will have around your favorite and most valuable belongings. There are some easy packing tips that anybody can apply.


Moving day essentials packed in a suitcase.
Moving day essentials bag should be always with you.

Things can be accidentally damaged or lost during transport. Whatever company you hire and no matter how it is experienced, these things could happen. The smart thing when you are moving to another town or state is to hire a local moving company. Wherever you are moving, you need to find local movers in Boston or any other major city. This way you will be sure that you are working with a company that is familiar with your new surroundings.

Moving day essentials must include:

  • Food and drinks – it doesn’t matter how hectic moving day is or how much work it brings, you need to eat and drink. It is best to pack some sandwiches or if you don’t have enough time to prepare that you can buy some take out. Anyway, be sure that you have food packed. Water and coffee are another moving day essentials. Every coffee lover knows how it is to be without coffee. Snacks that you are bringing should be nutrient so you have enough energy for the day.
  • Personal belongings– this refers to cell phone – make sure that it is charged, keys from old and new house, phone charger, wallet with money and your credit cards
  • Valuables– jewelry or any family heirlooms, small of course, you better take with yourself. That is only to be sure that nothing is damaged by accident.

After move essentials

Do not forget this important box or bag that you have to pack. This is actually everything you will need when you move into your new place. Surely, you will first unpack and organize your belongings at the end of moving day. Moving day essentials are not just things you are using during the move and transport. It is also everything you use until you go to sleep in your new or old bed. For example, you need to separate a moving essential box packed with linen, bedsheets, and blankets. This is especially important if you are moving with your children. This is primary moving day essentials because if they are small, you need to put them to bed in order to continue unpacking freely.


Girl laying on a bed.
If you pack linens in your essentials box, you will be able to rest whenever you feel like it.

Cleaning after move

A part of your moving day essentials is cleaning supplies. This is simply because you want to have everything prepared once your moving day starts. Make sure that you have everything you need to clean both the old and new home. If you are moving during rain or snow, it will be necessary to clean after transport of your furniture and belongings. At least you need to clean the floors from the mud and water. Many people will go throughout your place with muddy shoes and boots, yourself included.

If you are moving during the warm and dry season, then you’ll at least need cleaners for a bathroom and kitchen. When you move and unpack, it can last for a while. Your new place needs to be clean for the first use of both these rooms. If you are in a new neighborhood, you won’t have to look for a store, after a hard day.

In the end, you must not forget toilet paper, wet wipes, and soap. This is something you will surely use during the moving day.

These moving day essentials you have to carry with yourself during transport. So pack them in your car, if you are going by car. Anyway, make sure that all this is easily accessed to you during the day. This is exactly why it is called moving day essentials, so make sure that you are well prepared.

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