Moving from Hong Kong to the US – visa application process explained

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Are you considering moving from Hong Kong to the US? Before you start making plans, you might want to know how exactly the visa application process works. The process is slightly different depending on what kind of visa you need. Fortunately, we are here to help you figure out what you need to apply for a visa when moving in from Hong Kong and make your international relocation easier.

Educational visas

If you are moving from Hong Kong to the US in order to study, there are two types of visas: the F-1 and M-1 visas. The course of your studies and school you intend to attend determine which exactly you need. The F-1 visa is for full-time international students pursing academic studies, while the M-1 is for students pursing vocational studies. In order to be eligible for an educational visa you must already be accepted into a school certified in the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). If eligible, you should fill in the Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application, form DS-160. Once this is done, you should schedule an interview. Only then can you start organizing your relocation.

Newly graduated students
Educational visas are available to anyone who is accepted into a school.

Work visas

Depending on your skills and qualifications you could enter the US as either a temporary or permanent foreign worker, or a temporary visitor for business. However, there are a lot of visas with unique requirements, time limits and conditions. Because of this, you should carefully research which type of visa you need. The application process, fees and estimated wait times also tend to vary. As such, looking into official government sources for information is probably the best idea. When moving to the US for work, be sure to inform yourself of your Rights and Protections as well.

K-1 (Fiancée) visa

If you’re engaged to a US citizen and you plan to live and marry in the US, your fiancée can petition for a K-1 visa for you. This type of visa allows you to enter the US in order to marry your fiancée, but only for within 90 days of your arrival. Once you are married, you can apply for an adjustment of status in order to obtain a Permanent Resident Card. This visa also cannot be extended. So, if you don’t marry within that time you will have to leave the country. After you are married however, you are free to move to the US more permanently. However, experts from Relosmart Movers recommend traveling light when moving in with your significant other.

General application process

Because there are many different types of visas, it is hard to explain the application process. But, generally, when looking for a visa when moving in from Hong Kong, you will have to fill out the DS-160 (Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application) form, and then schedule an interview for a later date. The exact details vary, and it is best to research them from official US government sources. 

Moving from Hong Kong to the US

Once you have applied for your visa, it is time to start thinking about how you will move into the US. An international relocation is a typically very stressful and complicated endeavor. As such, it is a good thing that you can count on professionals to get you there. Of course, when choosing your international movers, you should carefully look into them and make sure they are reliable.

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Experienced movers will get you there without any stress.


Moving from Hong Kong to the US can be a very complicated process. Applying for a visa is a lengthy process, so you should always do your best to prepare yourself. Then, once you arrive, you can start looking for apartments, storage rooms (if you need to keep some valuable belongings safe), etc. We wish you luck in getting through the process yourself!

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