Moving to Miami Dade County – pros and cons

This wonderful night view is one of the reasons for moving to Miami Dade County

If you like a sunshiny place with beautiful beaches, moving to Miami Dade County might be a great choice. When you arrive in Miami Dade, you’ll certainly appreciate the suburban feel, endless options when it comes to entertainment or shopping and amazing nightlife. The county has some of the most delicious restaurant and fair food, making it a perfect place for a foodie. However, moving to Miami Dade County has some cons as well. You might not enjoy the constant heat or all kinds of annoying insects. Here are some pros and cons of moving to Miami Dade.

Lots of sandy beaches to enjoy

If there is one reason why Miami is so popular, it would be its beautiful beaches. Anywhere you choose to move in Miami Dade, you’ll be close to spectacular sandy beaches, especially in Miami Beach city. There’s a lot more than sunbathing and swimming here. You can stroll down the Historic Art Deco District or rent a bike to take a tour around it. You can always count on good weather and the ability to plan lots of outdoor activities.

beach in Miami Dade County
Beautiful Miami beaches are the best places for daytime activities

If you’re moving with children, they definitely won’t lack activities to partake in. Building sandcastles, playing volleyball or collecting seashells are only some of the day-to-day activities to enjoy here. You can visit the Miami Beach Botanical Garden to see some of the exotic trees and participate in educational programs. Go to the Pine tree park and enjoy its serene atmosphere with drinking fountains and tall trees. All in all, if you like the feeling of sand between your toes and the smell of salt water you should really opt for moving to Miami Dade County.

So, when you decide to settle somewhere in Miami Dade, it is best to do so with trusted movers. The help from the best movers in Florida will come in handy for that kind of endeavor. With professional tips from experienced movers, relocation process will be over in a second.

Moving to Miami Dade County is for night owls

Miami Dade is the best place to have the night of your life. Numerous clubs and bars are packed with people who are ready to dance the night away. You have the option of renting a karaoke room at the bar or to bust a move at one of Miami’s popular dance clubs. If you’re more into live performance and entertainment, visit the Cabaret South Beach. You can try some of the best cocktails and enjoy the singers and comedians performing there. The Clevelander is a very popular hotel and bar located on Ocean Drive. It has a pool and different kinds of contests are frequently held there as well. Moreover, Washington Avenue is another great clubbing stop with plenty of clubs and bars opened at all times.

a photo from a bar, man with two glasses of scotch
Get ready to have amazing night outs in Miami Dade County

So, wait no longer, find experienced movers, settle in Miami Dade and get the party started.

Pompano Beach in Miami is a quieter alternative

If you like Miami weather and sandy beaches but want to move to a quieter and more affordable place, Pompano Beach is the right choice for you. It is affordable and the overall atmosphere is relaxing, a perfect spot for people who enjoy peace and quiet. The population is constantly growing in Pompano Beach, which is partly because of the great economic condition. You’ll see that there are plenty of job offers so you won’t have trouble finding one for sure. There are plenty of festivals to enjoy throughout the year as well so visiting Pompano Beach Seafood Festival is definitely worth a while.

Furthermore, if planning on relocating to Pompano Beach area in Florida, contact professional movers. You’ll see that moving involves a lot of organizing and planning things. So, if you want to make the whole ordeal less stressful, hire reliable and trusted movers. In that way, the whole relocation process becomes more exciting and you’ll be less tense knowing you’re in good hands.

Miami Dade is a perfect place for a foodie

For example, let’s say you are moving from Pittsburgh to Miami. Californians eat different types of food, and you might not know what to expect. If you really enjoy trying out new, delicious meals, you should definitely consider moving to Miami Dade County. The Miami Dade county fair has amazing food options that attract people to visit the fair and try some of the specialties. There are plenty of dessert options, some of them are:

  • funnel cakes
  • oreo crepes
  • twist churros
  • donuts

If you’re really hungry, you may want to opt for corn dogs, bacon-wrapped pork or fried spicy tilapia filets. So, if you’re one of the passionate food enthusiasts that like to indulge in tasty meals, Miami Dade’s fair will have you covered.

tasty pastries covered with powdered sugar
The Miami Dade fair has all sorts of the food stands

On top of that, if you decide to move to the county, you’ll be able to pick among numerous restaurants and their mouthwatering foods. That being said, Miami Dade county will be a perfect place for the best dining experience. The food will make your taste buds go crazy and you’ll be spoiled for choice with all kinds of specialties to choose from.

Also, there are many quality Mexican restaurants in Miami, do not miss the chance to experience their atmosphere!

Moving to Miami Dade county has some drawbacks as well

Even though Miami Dade has a lot of things to offer, you might find some of them quite unpleasant to handle. The major downers are annoying bugs and constant heat. From mosquitoes to big cockroaches, Miami Dade is a favorite spot for insects during the summer season. Sand fleas aren’t actually insects but they can surely bite. If you happen to find yourself on the beach during night time, these sand animals will make sure to crawl out of the sand and bite you.

In addition to insects and sand fleas, Miami Dade weather can be quite difficult to handle. Summers are long and hot, prepare to sweat a lot and drink plenty of water. Furthermore, the Miami hurricane season occurs from August to October and brings a lot of stormy days with it. Nevertheless, moving to Miami Dade County will be an adventure to remember!

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