Moving to Riyadh: the ultimate checklist

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Moving to another continent is a big step in life, therefore, you should be completely prepared. There are a lot of things to consider and a lot of things to do before and after relocation. If you are moving to Riyadh, how to prepare for that task? Is there a guide that may help you with the process?

Prepare for the move on time

Having a moving checklist will make your international relocation easier. Of course, moving to another side of the world is challenging and exhausting, and sometimes scary. But, having the right tips and help, will make this entire process better. More are more ex-pats are moving to Saudi Arabia. Riyadh is not the only place where ex-pats live. There are also Jeddah and Dammam.

Riyadh is the financial and business center of the Middle East not only in Saudi Arabia. The job market is strong as well as the economy and that is one of the main reasons why people are moving there. A lot of Riyadh’s residents are foreigners because people are coming here to earn money and work on their careers.

Moving overseas requires good preparation and organization

If you are moving to Riyadh for a longer period of time, moving in can be a complicated process. That is why you should find assistance in the city that will help you with moving in. Being a foreigner is not easy in the beginning. Having someone who already knows this area can be a lifesaver.

Things to know before moving to Riyadh

To be fully prepared for moving to a country that is totally different from the USA, you need to do research first. Learn as much as you can about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Luckily, a lot of info can be found online. Also, you can find ex-pats online community and reach to them.

  • In Saudi Arabia, religion is very important because it is the birthplace of Islam. After relocating to Riyadh, you should be aware that religion is an all-pervasive characteristic of the public and private spheres as well. If you are not used to living in a restrictive society, then you will have a hard time adjusting. But, they will all respect you, and hospitality is held up as a great virtue. After moving, you should dress modestly, don’t drink alcohol, don’t eat pork meat, because it is forbidden.
  • Depending on where you are coming from, you may experience climate shock. Saudi Arabia is located in a desert and temperatures are very high, especially during the summer months. Daytime temperatures can rise as high as 50°C and most people don’t go out during the day when it is summer.
  • Besides items movers will not move internationally, Saudi Arabia has additional import restrictions as well. For example, they have a zero-tolerance policy on imports of alcohol and pork products. Also, you cannot import religious scriptures or pamphlets with you or more than one copy of the Bible.

Without a visa, you cannot enter Saudi Arabia, unless you live in other Muslim countries in the Middle East. There are different types of visas such as business, diplomatic, employment, family, residence, government visit, student, hajj, and umrah visa.

Creating a checklist for moving to Riyadh.
Creating a checklist doesn’t take a lot of time, but it can save your sanity

How to move to Saudi Arabia?

How to ship your items to Riyadh, KSA? Moving overseas is not the same a moving within the same country. Preparing the items, packing, customs clearance, sound like engaging experts is a good call at this point. Having someone with experience and an established network is very helpful. Especially when it comes to shipping to Saudi Arabia that has different rules and regulations you are not familiar with.

Prepare your budget

Calculate the costs of moving to another continent but, if you are moving because some company wanted to work for them, they should pay you the moving costs. All major companies have similar policies when it comes to moving for work and paying the bills.

Create a checklist for moving overseas

Having a checklist when moving will help you organize everything on time and you won’t forget a thing to do. Moving is not easy. It is exciting, exhausting, fun, complicated, stressful, everything at the same time. In such a mess and with all that problems and tasks to solve, it is easy to forget something. Hiring an international moving company on and getting a visa are not the only things you must finish before the final moving day.

  • A couple of months before the moving day, create a budget for relocation to Riyadh. Check if you need to get vaccinated. Book a flight and short-term accommodation. Start to learn Arabic. Find a professional moving company.
  • A couple of weeks before moving notify your bank and post office that you are moving. Start to pack your items. Find out what electric outlets are used in Saudi Arabia. Track your flight status.
  • A couple of days before the final moving day, be with your friends and family. Get the final touches and pack your essential moving bag.

After moving to Riyadh

Now it is time to meet the city and to adjust. It is one of the great places to live overseas and it has a lot to offer. Differences between the USA and Saudi Arabia are big, but it is a good life experience. You can learn a new language, know another culture, tradition, meet different people with different lifestyles. It is a big opportunity.

Explore Saudi Arabia after moving there and you will learn about their long history and rich culture and tradition

Moving is learning

By moving to Riyadh, you can learn a lot and explore the Middle East. Make sure that the relocation there goes smooth and a moving checklist can help you with that. Download it online, use moving apps, or create a customized checklist only for you. Anyway, it will be useful.

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