Moving to Washington D.C. 101

Washington D.C. City - Moving to Washington D.C.

People assume that moving to Washington D.C. means you have to be in politics. But, that isn’t true. This city has a thriving arts scene. Plus, there’re tons of large employers with career growth potential. Since this is such a touristy area, if you’re in hospitality you can make a decent income here. Also, some people relocate here because of phenomenal schools. Regardless of the reason for moving to Washington D.C., you should find this guide very helpful.

Research the neighborhood before moving to Washington D.C.

Before you relocate to Washington you should research the neighborhood. Keep in mind that the closer you live to the downtown district, the more expensive housing will be. So, if you work downtown and you can walk, cycle, or take public transportation, you’ll save money in gas and parking. Here are a few areas recommended for those moving to the city:

  • Adams Morgan – This is a popular neighborhood for young families and professionals. So, if you decide to move here, make sure you know how to prepare your house before you move in.
  • Dupont Circle – Another popular area with a studio apartment of about $1,500.
  • Foggy Bottom – Here you can find a studio apartment here for $1,300. But, they go as fast as they come available. 

In case you can afford a little more in your budget, consider Capitol Hill, Georgetown, and Chinatown. And, if you don’t mind a commute, you can find great deals in Silver Spring in Maryland, and Arlington and Fairfax County in Virginia.

Search Map - Moving to Washington D.C
Before moving to Washington D.C., make sure you research neighborhoods and find the one that fits you best.

Hire professional movers

You don’t want to move your belongings by yourself in DC. Instead, hire professional movers like Excalibur Moving and Storage to do it for you. But, keep in mind that in many cases, parking is very limited. So, sometimes the moving truck will need to park on a busy street, and movers will have to work fast to unload. Or maybe they have to park in an alley or nearby parking lot and carry everything pretty far. So, prepare yourself to be charged extra if they have to carry a long distance. 

Getting around the city

The city’s downtown and most neighborhoods are very walkable. Plus, there is also a fantastic public transportation system here. These are just some of the reasons why you should learn how to recognize reliable movers in the US that will help you relocate here.

  • DC Circulator – This is a great bus system/ It costs $1 per ride, and every stop sees a bus every 10 minutes. 
  • Metro – Washington has a few metro lines. All of them are easy to navigate because they are color-coded.
  • Metrobus – Metrobus offers more direct routes when you don’t have time for the more scenic route. 
Washington Avenue
Getting around the city is not hard.

Cost of living

Before relocating to Washington, prepare for the high cost of living. You see, this is one of the most expensive places to live in the US. Consider this you’re setting up a moving budget and choosing all the assistance you might need when moving.  

Even though the overall cost of living in Washington is high, higher average salaries compensate for it. So, relocating here is a good decision.


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