New comer’s guide to Sandy Springs, GA

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Are you planning on moving to Sandy Springs? How exciting! If you want to escape the larger cities and find yourself a little bit of heaven on earth, Sandy Springs is a fantastic place to look into. Even if you don’t know much about it, that’s no reason to get cold feet about the move. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about this beautiful city. So, stick around to find out about all the best neighborhoods and things to do in this new comer’s guide to Sandy Springs, GA.

Why Sandy Springs?

Sandy Springs is a wealthy community in Fulton County, about 14 miles north of the center of Atlanta. It is considered the second-largest city in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Moreover, it’s also the sixth-largest city in Georgia, with a population of around 110,000.

Sandy Springs, once a peaceful suburban community, has experienced a burst of development recently. After more than 40 years of advocacy, a resounding majority of people chose to pursue independence, and Sandy Springs was formally established as its own city in 2005. Since then, several multinational firms have established their corporate offices in the city due to its favorable location and skilled labor force. Today, it’s a patchwork of dynamic, humming business corridors and relaxed residential neighborhoods. It’s got everything you want in a city, and more! You might want to start packing your bags right away.

The Cost of Living & Quality of Life

As a potential newcomer to Sandy Springs, you’re probably interested to learn all about the city’s cost of living and quality of life before you start getting ready for the move. So, let’s get into it.

If you want to upgrade your lifestyle and move from an apartment to a house, Sandy Springs is a great place to do so! While the cost of living in Sandy Springs is greater than the national average, this shouldn’t be a dealbreaker. If you’re ready to live an opulent lifestyle, this city has a lot to offer. This is very evident and reflected in the high quality of life this city has to offer.

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Every guide to Sandy Springs starts with a warning about prices.


One of the things Sandy Springs really focuses on is the safety and security of its residents. According to a survey, 100% of participants said they felt “secure” or “quite safe” here. Almost 70% of respondents claimed that Sandy Springs police officers are highly approachable and responsive.

In another assessment, Sandy Springs was ranked among the top 50 safest cities in the US. Property and violent crime rates in the city are significantly lower than the national average. This, together with the city’s diverse economy and top-notch public schools, make it a fantastic place for kids to grow up.

Moving to Sandy Springs

The decision to move to a new city isn’t always an easy one. However, everyone who moved to Sandy Springs will tell you they’d make this decision again without a second thought. Moreover, the most stressful part about moving to this amazing city isn’t the decision itself, it’s the moving process. You can easily overcome this by hiring movers who’ll help you settle in with no hassle. It’s so much better than having to do it all by yourself!

The Weather in Sandy Springs

Although many might overlook this part when planning a move, we believe that it’s crucial for our guide to Sandy Springs to contain information about the weather. Adjusting to new neighborhoods is much easier than adjusting to an entirely new climate.

The typical summertime temperature in Sandy Springs is about 82 degrees, making for extremely hot and sticky conditions. Even in March, you might get a few inches of rain each month, but it hardly ever snows here. You won’t again have to worry about driving through snow drifts again since when it happens, it’s unlikely to stick.

Sandy Springs is far enough inland to avoid the worst coastal storms. Yet, it’s close enough to be receiving most of the year’s southern sunlight. Naturally, living in Sandy Springs will require you to exercise additional caution to prevent sunburns and overheating, so don’t forget to pack some sunscreen.

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When moving to Sandy Springs, you have to get used to the warm, sunny weather.

Things To Do in Sandy Springs

Both tourists and residents will find Sandy Springs to be a fascinating destination to explore, with lots of exciting things to do and intriguing sights to see. Here are a few examples of things you may add to your agenda for when you move there.


Every year, Sandy Springs is the site of the 2-day Artsapalooza celebration. Over 150 local and regional artists and crafters set out their items on exhibit as the weather begins to warm up in the spring. This entertaining event has a kids’ play area, exciting interactive art, and live performances by regional musicians. A lot of people attend it constantly.

Performing Arts Center in Sandy Springs

The Performing Arts Center is Sandy Springs’ crowning achievement, and it stays amid the thriving City Springs complex. The Studio Theatre offers a smaller, more intimate setting for regional productions and comedy acts, while the Byers Theatre is a large venue that presents a wide variety of plays and musical concerts.

Steve’s Live Music

Since 2012, Steve’s Live Music has been at the center of Sandy Springs’ music culture, serving as a venue for locals and tourists to enjoy live music. You may hear music from regional songwriters and influencers within the listening area, which can hold up to 95 visitors at once. You may watch the performances and acts while getting a bite to eat because food and beverages are available on-site.

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Moving to Sandy Springs, GA is much easier when you hire movers.

Put this guide to Sandy Springs to good use

We hope our guide to Sandy Springs, GA will help you make the right decision and start your life in this amazing city! In addition to the stunning scenery that surrounds it, it also provides a wealth of employment options, first-rate educational prospects, and distinctive attractions that set it apart.