New Jersey top locations for young parents moving from NY

A row of houses in on of the New Jersey top locations for young parents moving from NY.

Living and working in NYC is a dream for many people. The city is great, dynamic, and a bustling business center. It is easy to find a great job and build your career. However, being one of the most popular cities NY may be too crowded and fast for most people. At the same time, it is too expensive and good accommodation is hard and pricy to find. This is why more and more people opt to move to New Jersey. It is close enough to commute to Manhattan easily but it’s more affordable. New Jersey is also a calmer and slower city than NY. This is why many young parents move to New Jersey and consider it to be one of the top locations for families. So let’s see what are the benefits of moving to NJ from NYC and where to relocate with your family.

New Jersey – reasons to move from NYC

New Jersey is a great place to grow up and a good place for families. It is clear that a great city like New York is not ideal for young families with kids. Single life in NY can be fun and manageable but when you involve the kid’s things get harder. This is why many young families decide to relocate to nearby New Jersey. NJ offers a great lifestyle and condition, particularly to families. It is a great, safe, and affordable place to raise your kids and enjoy family time. Jersey is a state that has many family-friendly cities that are the reason for many families to call All Season Movers requesting their services.

Map shpowing New York and New Jersey
Escaping New York and moving to New Jersey is a trend for young parents with families

With this in mind let’s research some of the reasons why New Jersey is so great for families. The state offers:

  • Affordability
  • Calmness and peace of mind
  • Great education
  • Location and Nature
  • Healthcare


New Jersey is more affordable than NY in every sense. The housing market offers great solutions for families with all the amenities. You can find a great family house at a fraction of the price compared to NYC. You can have a large yard for the children and much more peace and quiet than in the hectic New York. At the same time, the cost of living is more manageable. Rent, child care, food, clothing, and education are all more affordable in jersey. This is why Jersey is so one of the top locations for young parents with families struggling to make a good life for the family.


Just across the river, NYC is the city that never sleeps and that always pulsates with rivers of people. New Jersey is much calmer and peaceful. The environment nurtures peace and a quiet family feel. The state and most of the cities are safe, calm, and offer a small-town feel. You can enjoy a quiet day with your family in a park enjoying nature and views.


Schooling is an important factor for any family with kids. Jersey offers a high-quality public education system that draws in young families with children. High school education is ranked as second in the US. At the same time, the state is home to a lot of colleges that are nearby and affordable.

Location and nature

New Jersey is conveniently located close to NY and a step from Philadelphia. This makes it the best of both worlds. You can easily spend a day in a big city and then retreat to the comfort of NJ. At the same time, it is surrounded by the most beautiful nature, landscapes, driving routes, and a perfect Jersey shoreline. All of this makes Jersey a perfect place for families and kids. Even your home can be transformed into a spacious sanctuary as it is easily possible to put aside all unnecessary items in one of the numerous yet reliable storage facilities.

Nature, river and forest
New Jersey has some of the most beautiful nature and views perfect for families with children

With all of these facts in mind, it is no wonder why young families are choosing to relocate from NY to NJ. Moves from NYC to NJ are becoming more and more frequent.  With professional assistance, these families are choosing to move to some of the most family-friendly places in NJ. There is no single and widely adopted opinion on the top locations for young parents and families in New Jersey. However, based on some opinions and criteria the best destinations are:

  1. Madison
  2. New Providence
  3. River Edge
  4. Glen Rock
  5. Tenafly

Madison – number one among New Jersey top locations for young parents moving from NY

Madison is a place of great ambiance and a small-town feel. It is a very walkable town that provides a great family vibe. The place has reasonable taxes and is affordable, it is safe and offers great schools for children of all ages. In addition, it is experiencing an increase in housing values. This makes it desirable for young parents moving to New Jersey. 

For these reasons, there is no wonder that young professionals are moving from NY to NJ and Madison area. More and more families moving are looking for movers for their NY to NJ relocation and they claim competent assistance is a priority to them. 

New Providence

Providence has excellent schools that are highly rated. They are top-rated in the US. The place is historic, charming, and quiet but it is also well connected to NY and affordable. With the abundance of family-friendly activities, it is a place to be.

River Edge

River Edge offers a small-town feel with an abundance of family-suitable homes. The city is walkable, friendly, and safe. It is also connected to NYC so it’s easy to see why it’s attractive.

A street with row houses
Most of the cities and towns in New Jersey are family-friendly, walkable, and safe.

Glen Rock

With two train stations located in this town, it is very well connected to the rest of Jersey and NY. The city is walkable and very easy to access and navigate. It offers many family-friendly activities and a great schooling system all the way from kindergarten to high school. Glen Rock attracts many families that are continually seeking professional movers for their local move to NJ.


Tenafly is well known for its culture and arts. It is an economic center that offers great education to its inhabitants. The place is known for its great offer of family homes and great family-friendly offer of activities and interests. 

So, there is a multitude of reasons for young parents to move to NJ. Jersey has an abundance of top-rated family-friendly locations that are ideal for young parents with families. Research and find your ideal place in New Jersey.

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