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A view of NYC, move with NYC moving tips and enjoy it every day

Almost every US citizen thinks about moving to NYC at some point in their lives. There is definitely something romantic about leaving your life behind and making it big in the Big Apple. But, before you take your shot at the NYC lifestyle, you need to know how to properly move to NYC. Luckily, we are here to help you out with some must know NYC moving tips.

Find out about NYC

The first of our NYC moving tips is to find about as much as you can about NYC. Sure, you may have watched Friends and Sex and the City, but those shows are as far away from the real NYC lifestyle as Game of Thrones is. Heck, if you consider how cutthroat some people are in NYC, you can even argue that the Game of Thrones is the closest representation of the three. Anyhow, you need to study NYC before you move here. Find out how much does it cost to live there are which neighborhood will suit you best. As you will soon find out NYC is quite diverse, and you need to find a part of it that suits you best.

Living in NYC

What you need to realize straight of the bat is that living in NYC is no dream. Sure, some people do live the luxurious cocktail party lifestyle. But those people either have rich parents, or they are really few in numbers. Most people of NYC (99%) are fighting the NYC traffic to get to their jobs, work as hard as they can and then get drunk on the weekends if luckily. Of course, this is a large generalization. But, if you hope that your life in NYC will be any different you will be sorely wrong (at least at the beginning).

A person working
People of NYC spend a lot of time working.

It takes some time to build up the network of people that will help you land a good job and find a decent apartment in order to enjoy some luxury. But, if new experiences and fast life is what you want in your life right now, NYC is the place to be.


Doing your research before moving to NYC is quite important. But, no amount of research can substitute the knowledge you will get by visiting. Find a neighborhood that you would like to live in and visit it. The more time you can spend in it, the better. Only if you experience NYC first hand, will you truly know what it is like.

NYC street
Only by visiting NYC can you get a solid idea of what living here is like.

Moving Preparations

Now, let’s jump into the relocation itself. No relocation is possible without moving preparations. The less time you have to prepare the costlier and trickier your move will be. Therefore, try to give yourself as much as time as possible to get everything in order before moving to NYC.

Finding movers

The first thing you will have to do is to find movers to help you. One of our NYC moving tips is to start looking for moving companies as soon as you realize that you are going to move. There is no drawback to finding good movers ahead of time. The more time you can give them to organize your relocation, the better.

Planning with the help from NYC moving tips
Most of NYC moving tips revolve around dealing with your relocation as soon as possible and planning ahead.

Start looking for your movers online. The quality of the movers should be your top concern. But, it is a generally good idea to hire movers that are local to the area that you are moving to. That means that if you are moving to Maspeth, you should try to hire moving experts in Maspeth, NY. Since they know the neighborhood, they will be able to plan your move so that you avoid traffic jams.


Once you’ve found the right movers to help you, you will need to pack yourself. Packing is one of the moving tasks that you can do properly on your own. But, you need to check out a packing guide before you do so. Too many relocations have been ruined simply because people couldn’t be bothered to read a packing guide. You will need to get packing supplies and have enough time to pack. So, make sure that you start looking for them at least a month ahead of time. Also, try to make a moving checklist before you do. That way you will know just how much packing supplies you will need.

Final NYC moving tips

Once you have found your movers and packed yourself properly, your relocation is almost done. But there are a couple of things that you will need to pay attention to in order to relocate to NYC properly.


No matter how much you prepare or how good your movers are, you are going to experience stress. Even if you let DA Moving NYC handle your entire relocation, you will need to deal with a lot of things. There are going to be moving mishaps and mistakes that will derail you. Plus, you are bound to forget something among all the paperwork and hassle that plagues every move. So, in order to combat the stress of moving, you need to follow our advice. Relax. The best way to handle moving mistakes is to give yourself enough time to take care of them. The more time you have to deal with your relocation, the less stress you are going to experience.

Pay attention to yourself

Moving to a place as big as NYC can be quite emotional. Therefore, the most important of our NYC moving tips is to take care of yourself. Pay attention to your health, both physical and mental. People often experience depression after moving, so you shouldn’t be scared if you do as well. But, never the less, pay close attention to how you feel. If it happens that NYC becomes too much after a while, don’t worry. You can always leave it for a more calmer city.

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