How to pack kids’ toys for relocation

A teddy bear in the box

The time has come to start preparing for the move. But when you also have to prepare your children, who are probably not even willing to move, things get complicated. During this transition, children need the comfort of their favorite toys. There will be times when their toys are going to be their best friends. So, in those situations, how do you decide which toys to pack and which to leave behind? Moreover, we all know that moving is expensive and that the more things you bring, the costlier the move will be. Because of that you must downsize and declutter. Do not worry, we will help you out! Keep on reading if you are interested in how to pack kids’ toys for relocation and how to decide which toys are worth packing.

Have a Conversation With Your Child

First things first, you must talk to your children about the upcoming move. Talk about all the details and why this move is necessary. You can also try to explain how this move will benefit your family. If your children are really small, you have to explain to them that the toys placed in the boxes are not lost forever and that they will see them soon. If your children are a bit older, try to involve them in the packing process. Make this move a fun event. Give them a project to do, like putting their favorite toys in a box, and the feelings of insecurity will turn into excitement. You can also motivate them by telling them that they are in charge of decorating their new room. Lastly, you must make limits. As previously mentioned, you can not pack each toy, book, and knick-knack form your child’s room. Having an open conversation is the best way to prepare your children for the relocation.

mother and daughter talking.
Before you start to pack kids’ toys for relocation, have an open conversation with the little ones.

Declutter and Downsize

As previously mentioned, moving can be extremely expensive if you plan on moving everything.  That applies to moving your kids’ toys as well. So, if you are going to pack alone, you must make a selection and know which toys are still ‘popular’ for your children and which are just outdated. And, if you are packing together with your kids, you can make this a fun project. For example: take a couple of boxes and bins and label them as follows:

  • Keep Box – This should be for all those toys that your kids love and can not move without. Go through all the toys together, and if your child does not want to let go of anything, you can encourage them by promising some new toys when you settle in. That is always a good motivation when trying to pack kids’ toys for relocation.
  • Throw Away Box – This is for all the items that are just broken, not working or missing a piece. Maybe you should throw away these broken toys when your children are not looking.
  • Donate Box– And if you have some toys that your kids have outgrown or do not enjoy anymore, you can give them to some of their younger friends or donate them to a local charity.
A teddy bear in a suitcase.
By downsizing your kids’ toys, books, and all the little knick-knacks, you will be saving a lot of money.

Gather Packing Materials

Before you start to pack your kids’ toys for relocation, you, of course, are going to need packing materials and supplies. You can buy them at your local hardware store or stationery shop or can hire a moving company in your area and leave everything to them. It is up to you.  But, if you decide to have a DIY kind of move, get ready for some shopping. You will need a lot of cardboard boxes, plastic bags, and plastic containers. Moreover, if your kids have some porcelain, plastic or easily breakable toys, you must buy wrapping papers, bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Do not forget to get permanent markers, scissors, and tape as well.  You can use all these packing materials for pretty much anything, not just toys. So, if you have some leftovers, do not worry, you can use these quality packing materials for your next move as well.

A father playing with his kids
The best way to pack your kids’ toys for relocation without all the crying and sobbing is to involve your little ones in the process as well.

How to Pack Kids’ Toys for Relocation

And now, finally, here is a guide on how to pack kids’ toys for relocation. You can do this alone or together with your kids, depending on their mood. So, take a day off, prepare some snacks and the packing supplies and pack kid’s toys for relocation.

  • Separate the toys that your kids want to have by their side while relocating – This should e the first step. Limit the number of toys they will have for the road.
  • Remove the water – Remove all the water from any water pistols or water-based toys before you put them into the box. To be extra sure, after draining these toys, put them in plastic bags first.
  • Clean the toys – This is especially important for those outdoor toys. You do not want all that sand and dirt to mix with other toys as well.
  • Wrap delicate toys – If your kids have some of those easy breakable and not to mention, expensive, toys, make sure to wrap them properly. Use a lot of bubble wrap and packing paper to secure them. Preparing those porcelain and glass toys can be as complicated as preparing antiques for moving.
  • Remove loose pieces – If any figurines or big toys have accessories and parts that may become loose during the relocation, it is a good idea to place them in sealable plastic bags.
  • Use Plastic Bags for Stuffed Toys – Stuffed toys are very easy to relocate. You do not need to spend money on buying packing materials for them. Just put them in plastic bags.

And in the end, if all this sounds way too complicated – you can always look for professional assistance. Check out and find all the assistance that you might need when moving with your little ones!

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