Packing and moving your pantry 101

Jars in a pantry ready for Packing and moving

Moving and packing your home is complex. It is a time-consuming process that requires patience. You can always get someone to help you out. Your friends and family can help but you can also get professional packers to do the job. However, some things you have to do by yourself. For example, your kitchen and pantry are difficult to pack and they will need your attention and special care. So, let’s try to help you out with this job by providing some simple moving tips. Here is some advice for packing and moving your pantry that can help you out and make the process easier and faster.

Packing your pantry for a move

Well packing your pantry and kitchen may seem straightforward enough but when you get to it you can see that it is quite complex. There are many things to take care of and you have to be careful not to waste anything. This is important when it comes to food that can last for years and that you keep in your pantry. These items should not be thrown away, as it would be too much of a waist, but carefully packed and moved with you.  So, here are some things to take note of when packing and moving your pantry that can be a real-time and lifesaver when you move:

  • Grocery shopping and perishables
  • Check the dates
  • Dispose of the clutter
  • Get the right containers
  • Pack lunch for the move

Grocery shopping and perishables

You don’t want to pack too much stuff as it will take time and money to move. So, try to delay additional shopping to avoid piling up and moving too many items. Also, make sure that you throw out any perishable items unless you have the conditions to do so.

Kitchen pantry
Packing and moving your pantry can be easy if you follow some good advice.

If you have a fridge or a climate-controlled vehicle it may be a good idea but try to avoid this. This will be inconvenient especially for long-distance moves. You can always donate food that you will not move and that is good for use.

Check the expiration dates

Make sure you check the items in your pantry. Any can or jar of food that is expired is an unwanted burden. Be sure to throw such items out as a first step of decluttering your pantry.


Declutter to keep the weight of your boxes down and to get rid of any items that you don’t need. The first step is to throw out anything that is expired but you can also throw out cheaper items that you have in large quantities. They take up space and cost money to move but can easily be replaced.

Get the right containers

Once you are prepared for packing make sure to get the right supplies. Avoid packing in glass jars and flimsy boxes. Make sure to get a lot of plastic containers with air-tight seals. Also, make sure to double up on packing boxes to protect your other items from eventual sillage. Your packing organization is essential for an easy and stress-free move.

Food containers
Make sure to get the right packing supplies and boxes.

Pack lunch for the move

Before you throw out any food from your pantry think about your moving day. Make sure to pack any snacks from the pantry in your essentials moving bag. Make sandwiches for moving day for the whole family and prepare for the moving rush.

So, your moving process can seem daunting when you think about packing up your kitchen and pantry. However, packing and moving your pantry doesn’t have to be. Just be organized, rational, follow the advice, and prepare yourself. Your move will then be a breeze.

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