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Are you in need of a vacation? Let’s be realistic – after a while, we all need some time to ourselves. No matter what you do for a living, and how stressful your job is – you just need to wind down and relax. So what better way to do that, than taking a trip to the beach? And luckily for you, Mexico is definitely not short on those. If you’re up for a drive to the shore, you’ll find a lot of ways to both have fun and relax, everywhere from Yucatan to the Pacific. And that’s why we’ve prepared a few suggestions on the most popular beaches in Mexico for you right here! Who knows – maybe you like them so much that you decide to move abroad and make Mexico your permanent home!

Tulum – a little something for everybody

Okay, let’s start off with one of the most popular beaches in all of Mexico – Tulum!. And there’s a reason why this location is particularly well-known, trust us. First of all, it offers a truly diverse experience for people who like all kinds of different things. For example, if you’re a foodie, you’ll find lots of interesting restaurants nearby.

And not just near the beach, but also all over town – which makes it worth exploring. Also, speaking of exploration – Tulum isn’t just a great location for people who want to relax and sunbathe. Near the town, you’ll find lots of ancient Mayan ruins to explore. Imagine that – having a swim after lunch, and then learning interesting stuff about history. It’s an all-around amazing experience – and Tulum truly offers it all. So if you’re near Cancun, make sure you don’t miss this great opportunity – it’s only a short drive away.

 An ancient Mesoamerican pyramid, surrounded by tourists near popular beaches in Mexico.
If you’re a fan of ancient ruins – even the popular beaches in Mexico have them nearby!

Sayulita – one of the most popular beaches in Mexico right now

For our next pick, let’s move away from Yucatan and the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, we’re going in a completely different direction – to Mexico’s beautiful Pacific coast! And on it, you can find the awesome Sayulita beach. First of all, you should know – this is one of the best surfing spots in all of Mexico. On one hand, you’ve got the locale where the water is perfect for surfing, and on the other, you’ve got all of the needed amenities for this activity. You’ll find plenty of shops selling boards and other equipment, as well as numerous places to get surfing lessons.


A surfer on the waves.
This vacation spot is known as a great surfing area.

Of course, this isn’t the only activity you can partake in Sayulita, not by a long shot! For those who just want to relax, there are plenty of fun bars around town and near the beach. Also, you’ll find plenty of good restaurants nearby, so don’t worry about that. If you’re not from Mexico, this is the perfect place to make you fall in love with the country. Believe us – you’ll soon start to look for professionals that can help you move internationally. Really, there’s only one potentially negative thing about Sayulita – over the past few years, the place has become extremely popular. So be warned – depending on when you come, the town may be quite crowded.

Isla Mujeres – time to leave the coast behind!

Here’s a choice that’s a bit different than the previous ones. Unlike our previous choices among the most popular beaches in Mexico, this one isn’t on the coastline. In fact, Isla Mujeres is a Caribbean island! If you want to leave the mainland behind, this is one of the best options in all of Mexico. First of all, the trip there will be amazing, and if you’re coming to Mexico, it’s a great place to start. Don’t hesitate to rent a climate-controlled storage unit for your belongings and leave for a great vacation! The cruise there will be something you’ll remember for years to come, trust us!

A bird’s eye view of a beach near a road.
At Isla Mujeres, you’ll find some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

There are plenty of fun things to do on the island

Secondly, once you’re there – you’ll be able to find everything you need for a pleasant vacation! If you feel like prowling around ancient historical sites, Isla Mujeres has got you covered. In fact, the southern part of the island is home to many interesting old ruins from the Mayan era. And if you’re up for some normal vacation fun, you’ll find every kind of summer activity you can think of. The place is well-known for snorkeling, scuba diving and similar underwater activities. Also, there are some awesome resorts and condo-hotels on the island, for maximum relaxation and fun!

Mismaloya Beach – a hidden jewel of the Mexican Pacific

Lastly, we’re going back to the Western coasts of Mexico – all the way to Mismaloya Beach! When you look at most of our suggestions for popular beaches in Mexico, you’ll find that they’re largely tourist attractions. Really, these are places many people in Mexico know about – and thus you’ll find these places bustling with people. But every once in a while, most people start thinking about a more subdued, quiet vacation. Preferably, in a place that isn’t crawling with other tourists day and night.

And Mismaloya beach is precisely that! This is a tiny fishing village, on the coasts of Bahía de Banderas. Trust us, you won’t find hundreds or thousands of vacation-goers here every day – and it’s a really beautiful spot! If you’re a fan of scuba diving, you’ll find really amazing underwater sights in this region, as well as other fun activities with the locals. So what are you waiting for? This is an underrated vacation spot, but once the word gets out, it’s sure to become one of the most popular beaches in Mexico. If you’re listening to us – get there as soon as you can.

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