Quiet family-friendly places in Delaware County

A father and a daughter in a park in onre of the family-friendly places in Delaware County

If you have been in Pennsylvania, you probably already know just how amazing a place it is for raising a family. This is why plenty of people from all over the country move to Pennsylvania. But choosing the perfect place to move to can be a challenge if you do not know Pennsylvania well. This is what we can help with. If you were to ask us just where in Pennsylvania moving to would be a good idea, we would certainly suggest one of many family-friendly places in Delaware County. This is a county with lots of amazing options to choose from when it comes to where you should consider living with your family. So, we have decided to tell you about the quietest and family-friendly places in Delaware County that you should consider relocating to. Delaware County has an amazing location but that is not the only reason why moving here is a good idea.


Located in the northern part of the county, an amazing small town is the first place you need to know more about and it goes by the name Wayne. It is a very small town. This certainly indicates that it is safe. But the fact that it is small and safe doesn’t make it a boring place where you have nothing to do. Wayne is located quite close to Philadelphia which means that even if you run out of things to do, you can always drive to Philadelphia. But that will hardly be the case.

Wayne truly has all you need to live a quiet and peaceful life with your family. There are plenty of amazing schools, both high and middle schools, and choosing one for your child will be a hard task. All of the schools here have amazing national scores. Not only are the schools amazing but so are the houses that can be found here. You can either buy a home or rent one as there are plenty of homes for rent in the area as lots of young people have begun moving to Wayne over the last few years.

Brick house in Pennsylvania.
Finding a lovely home for you and your family will not be a hard task if moving to Wayne.

If you decide to move here with your family, you can always turn to specialists nearby to make moving into your Wayne home easier. After moving in, we suggest getting to know the town better as it is quite an amazing and beautiful place to live in.


If you are looking for a town located much closer to the center of Philadelphia so that you can commute to work easily, Glenolden is a town to consider. It is another lovely small town in Delaware County where living with a family is nothing but a good idea.

Even though it is located much closer to Philadelphia, it is more of a suburban town rather than an urban one. There are plenty of beautiful parks where you can spend time with your children. Most of the homes that are to be found here are houses and a lot of them are for sale. This is why we believe that Glenolden is the perfect place for those of you who are planning on investing in a nice property and staying in one place for a while.

Park with a lake in Pennsylvania.
This is an area with plenty of beautiful nature and parks.

Glenolden is the perfect place for raising a family which is why a lot of people from Philadelphia relocate here in order to ensure that their children are growing up in a safe and peaceful environment. If you decide to relocate here, zippyshellphl.com can assist in making your move stress-free.


One of the biggest towns in Delaware County is Chester. It is considered to be one of the best cities for Millennials to move to. This is because it is definitely one of the most family-friendly places in Delaware County. This town has an amazing location as well. Not only is it close to Philadelphia but it sits on the border with New Jersey. And crossing to NJ is easy as all you need to do is cross the Commodore Barry Bridge that sits across the Delaware River. This means that you can work in NJ while living in Pennsylvania.

Delaware River bank.
Living in this area comes with a lot of benefits.

But Chester has lots of other things making it an amazing place to live in. It is filled with beautiful parks and walking trails. There are plenty of locally-owned businesses here which is why the town has all you need and a lot more. If you were thinking about starting a business, starting it in Chester is a good idea. It is not an overly expensive place to live in which is why there are plenty of young people moving for college to Chester. This makes now the perfect time to relocate here with your family.


If you are on the search for a very small, quiet town in Delaware County to move to with your family, there are plenty of options. But we believe that the best one to consider is Brookhaven. There are just around 10,000 people living here making this a very small town. It is one of the safest towns to live in. It has a rural vibe to it because of the beautiful nature in this area. This is exactly why there are a couple of parks with playgrounds perfect for parents with small children.

But we have to mention these few options that you should consider as well:

  • Media
  • Springfield
  • Broomall
  • Lima
  • Haverford.

Moving to any of these places with your family will not be something you regret doing. All of these places are beautiful and perfect for raising a family. If moving to Pennsylvania with your family, Delaware County certainly is the best option to consider.

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