Realtor’s guide to Hillsborough, NC

realtors guide to Hillsborough

We have for you today a guide to Hillsborough a town in Orange County, North Carolina. Its located along the beautiful Eno River. This is a charming, small town with a big history. This can be a perfect place for artists and writers. Most of the buildings and homes are dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Even though it’s a small town, it’s very rich. In fact, back in 2019, a Bloomberg analysis ranked Hillsborough as the fifth richest town in the United States which is pretty amazing considering it’s such a small place.

Since this place is getting very popular we decided to make this guide for you in case you are planning to relocate there too. And, who better to ask for help in making this guide than a realtor? This is their job after all, so take a look at some tips and tricks directly from the expert.

Is Hillsborough a nice place to live?

Before we start with our guide to Hillsborough, it’s important to address this since this is a big deal. You surely want to know is this a nice place to live if you are planning to relocate here. Hillsborough is a suburb of Durham with a population of just over 7000 residents. For many reasons people consider it to be one of the best places to live in North Carolina. The public schools are highly rated which is an important factor for families. Naturally, parents want their kids to go to a good school. But this can also be a nice place for seniors and young professionals too!

Buying a home in Hillsborough

Now we can continue with our guide to Hillsborough. First of all, you need to research neighborhoods and see which one you like the most. We suggest you take a look at West Hillsborough, Wildwood, and Stagecoach Run. When you find a neighborhood you (and your family) like you can start your search for a perfect home. The smartest way to start is on your own. There is a website called Zillow where you can see most of the real estate that is for sale in the area you choose. You will see prices there too, but also you will see pictures of the homes so it will be a great way to get a good insight into what is available at the moment in the area you like.

A woman putting coins into a piggy bank
Prices of homes in this are not very low.

Hiring a realtor

Even though you will be able to find plenty online, not everything that’s for sale is listed. That is why you need a realtor. Also, they are able to get you a better price than you alone could. This is their job and they are good at it. Your realtor will also be able to tell you some great tricks when it comes to buying a home in Hillsborough. Here is one you should know – when it comes to buying property (of any kind) the best possible time to do so is during the winter. That’s the time when the prices of real estate are at their lowest. Hiring professionals to help you with big things like buying a home or moving is always smart. Just like you should hire a realtor to help you with buying a home you should find reliable movers like to help you to relocate. But we will talk more about relocation later.

Ways to get a better price for your new home

If you have the time to wait you can get a much better price for your future home. Wait until winter and find a place in not so great condition but with good bones. Hire a contractor to help you choose. That kind of home is called a fixer-upper. You find a place with a lot of potentials and you get a good price since it’s not in a good condition right now. Then you wait until spring to renovate it and that’s it. You have an amazing house, you saved some money on it and everything in it is just the way you wanted it since you will be doing all the work and choosing all the details inside the place. That is of course if you have the time to wait.

A woman looking at her mobile phone while taking a break during the renovation of her home.
If you are willing to do all the work that’s needed you can get a much better price.

Moving to your new place

We should cover relocation since it’s a big part of the whole process. Relocation comes as the last stop on your journey but it’s not an easy one. It takes a lot of work to do this right. The only way to relocate stress-free is by hiring professional movers. They can do the hard work for you and you can focus on more important matters like renovating the new place you just bought. If you packed good you will be able to unpack easily. But if you are too tired, have too many household items to handle alone you should call local Hillsborough movers to help you out so you can settle in quickly. It won’t be hard to find help in the neighborhood and the job will be done quickly. Most important of all you will be able to start your new life in your new home in your new town. That is pretty exciting, isn’t it?

Hiring movers will make everything much easier.

Don’t fall for these tricks

Good luck with your upcoming adventure and here are some final tips from the guide to Hillsborough as a parting gift from us:

  • don’t fall for home staging, people do this to get you to see the potential of the house so you won’t ask for a lower price, don’t even look at the furniture if it’s rented since it won’t be there when you move in
  • don’t fall for old realtor tricks like when the place smells like baked cookies and popcorns
  • bring the contractor with you to see the place
  • bargaining is always ok, this is a big purchase

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