Reasons why Niles is one of the best villages in Illinois

Illionois forest that makes you realize why Niles is one of the best villages in Illinois.

What factors are most important when choosing a location to raise your family? Some people say the schools. Others may see it as a supportive neighborhood that will watch out for you and your kids. Others will benefit from the extra room and room to expand. Because of this, Niles is a wise pick. It is close to the city and offers excellent public schools and access to outdoor leisure. The Village of Niles is a place that is unique from the others! Here are the reasons why Niles is one of the best villages in Illinois!

Reasons why Niles is one of the best villages in Illinois today

Many things make Niles more attractive than other places in Illinois. These are the main reasons why Niles is one of the finest villages in Illinois:

  • Great education
  • Affordable homes
  • It is very family-friendly
  • Great location
  • Arts and culture

About Niles

The Village of Niles takes pride in having warm, diverse communities, top-notch services, affordable taxes, and effective multi-modal transit for all of its people, including urban professionals, young families, and older citizens. A town that encourages ethnic variety and gathers to celebrate events, festivals, and cultures, Niles, which borders Chicago, is safe, clean, and conveniently accessible. It also has superb schools. Numerous significant organizations and well-known businesses are based in Niles, which is quite simple to conduct business with. If you’re looking for a dream home for your family in Illinois, Niles is a great place to start.

Education in Niles

As mentioned before, one of the things, why Niles is one of the best villages in Illinois, is education. 5 school districts cover the Niles area. Every single of these districts is proud to support students and provide great education to them. The staff of these schools does their job amazingly, and their main focus is for their students to succeed in life. The local high school districts have more than 700 partnerships with local businesses that provide the students with valuable experience and internships in many different areas. This is very important if you plan on moving to Niles with your kids. Here, you will be sure that your kids will get the best possible education!

Scrabble pieces spelling out words 'school', 'learn', 'math'.
The school district in Niles is one of the many reasons why families choose to relocate there.

Experts at Golans Moving and Storage listed ‘education’ as one of the top reasons families and soon-to-be parents like to move from big cities into quieter, smaller environments. Niles checks off everything on that list.

Affordable homes

Niles has been building an image of a very family-friendly village, and it has been able to back it up. It has many great homes, small and big, and the local government wants you to build a life here. You might find it strange if you’re moving into a house from a city apartment, but you’re almost guaranteed to love this change. Plus, Niles has many great programs designed for helping you improve and build up new homes and waive some of the permit fees! The incentive is intended to encourage house value growth in neighborhoods where home improvement modifications are performed and to allow starter homes to expand as families do.

Moreover, you will be located very close to the Niles Design District. The district is home to some of the best interior design studios and businesses. You will find everything there, from designers and experts to stores that sell premade furniture and everything you need to create the home of your dreams!

It is very family-friendly

If you talk to any Niles residents, you will find that they all love the area! This shouldn’t be a surprise since the community is very focused on growing friendships and helping each other out. The community is very diverse, the education is great and the overall area is very inclusive and welcoming to newcomers. These are very important qualities that are a great lesson to kids. Raising a family in a caring community that teaches good values and friendships is a very important thing for kids in their formative years. There are also many outdoor activities available for everyone, parks are very common, and there are a lot of different sports, both outdoor and indoor, to choose from.

Mom and dad helping their kid learn to ride a bike.
Niles is a great place to start a family and raise your kids.

Art and culture

The amazing culture and diversity of the village are visible in every corner of Niles. It is home to more than 170 restaurants that represent the culture of their owners. From Korean food to Polish snacks, you will be able to find everything in Niles. There are also amazing bakeries and cake shops for those with a sweet tooth. For those that love arts and history, you will be able to find a half-size replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which is also a great photo op!

The local government is doing everything to keep arts and culture the central focus of the community and it has many great programs to make sure of that. Recently, there was a program that ended up covering many walls across the village with wonderful murals! Arts are very important to the area and there are many museums, exhibits, and events to back that up!

Great location

In Niles, everything is close. Shops, entertainment, recreation, shops, everything is very close to you wherever you find yourself in Niles. This is one of the reasons why Niles is one of the best villages in Illinois. The village is located about 15 miles from Chicago, it is connected to 3 major highways. Moreover, there are also lots of bus lines and the airport is a 15-minute drive away.

Buildings in Chicago.
If you’re ever up for a field trip, Chicago is just a short ride away from Niles.

Major corporate HQs are located in Niles due to the city’s excellent location, which makes it simple for corporations to draw in young talent.┬áIf you decide to move to Niles, make sure you get all the help you need. When it comes to the moving day, you can count on specialists in the area to take care of everything for you!

In Conclusion

When you take into account everything you just read, it should be obvious why Niles is one of the best villages in Illinois. When moving with your kids to Niles, you’ll probably encounter some hick-ups along the way. As long as you’re well-prepared for the move and know how to include your children in the move – you’ll be good to go! Whether you want to move there alone or with your family, it won’t take long until this small town starts feeling like your home.

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